Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Webcast: Building a Successful Online Learning Community for Librarians

Thursday, February 9, 2012
3pm EST

Steven Bell and John Shank, co-founders of the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community have invited me to join them for a live webcast event.
In this interview session our first question will likely be “Steve, how do you manage so many projects simultaneously?” A review of his website reveals that Hargadon manages or participates in multiple online communities and produces several online interview series that feature leading educators and technologists. Hargadon is also recognized for launching the Library 2.011 Conference that was attended by over 5,000 librarians from countries around the globe. In this webcast we’ll learn more from Hargadon about managing successful online communities, and how to get one’s colleagues engaged in sharing ideas and information in virtual environments. Hargadon will reflect on the Library 2.011 Conference, and share what’s next. We’ll also be hearing Hargadon share his thoughts about the future of higher education and libraries in an increasingly digital world.
This is a free event and no advance registration is needed, however, to attend, you need to be a member of the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community. If you are already a member, here is a link into the Learning Times Network that will get you to the Community and enable you to join the webcast: http://home.learningtimes.net/library?go=6025033.

If you need to join the Blended Librarians Online Community in order to register (no fee to join): 1. Go to the Blended Librarian website at http://blendedlibrarian.org 2. Click on the “Join” button on the home page of Blendedlibrarian.org and follow the instructions. 3. When you reach the screen that asks for the “invitation key” enter the word: blended 4. After you receive confirmation of your Learning Times account you can return to this email message and use the link above for registered members of Learning Times. Click on the link, and then you’ll find the page where the webcast takes place. 5. They recommend that those participating in the webcast obtain a microphone or headset in order to make use of the VoIP technology that allows conversation between the speakers and participants. A microphone or headset is not required to participate. 6. Please plan on allowing yourself sufficient time to log in to the webcast on February 9, 2012. If it is the first time attending a Learning Times event it may take a few extra minutes to log on to their Elluminate webcasting software. 


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Hi, Was a recoring made of this interview as I could not attend the whole session.

    Thanks Leanne B.

  2. I've asked them if they will send me a link to the recording.

  3. Here is the recording information. You need to have a community account in order to access the archive--see the notes in the original post on joining the community. Once there, the recording link is at http://home.learningtimes.net/library?go=6025033


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