Thursday, October 22, 2020

Albrecht Library Safety Bonanza: New Podcast, New Article, and Two New Webinars ("Tools for Tense Situations" and "The Safe Library") #library20

We've posted a new podcast from Dr. Albrecht on the topic of "Safe and Simple Patron De-Escalations" in the "Library Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht" section of Library 2.0You can listen directly on the site or you should also be able to access the podcast in SoundCloud here or in your own podcast app using the RSS feed here.

You will also find Dr. Albrecht's newest blog post, "Triple-E Patrons: Entitled, Eccentric, Exasperating," on the site. 

"If you work on the frontline of daily patron interactions at your library, it’s easy to go home tired. Having what is defined as a 'high human contact' job means that you can get weary of dealing with people all day, over the counter, over the phone, and on the floor. This is especially true if - like me - you’re an introvert (writer-trainer) trapped in an extrovert’s profession (customer service). Sometimes it’s a struggle to get through the day without feeling or getting impatient with the wide range of people you encounter in a long day."

And we're opening up two new webinars (each at $99 with group discounts available): 

As a trainer, speaker, author, and consultant, Dr. Steve Albrecht is internationally known for his expertise in high-risk HR issues. He specializes in workplace and school violence awareness and crisis response programs for private-sector firms, municipal and state government, K-12 schools, and colleges and universities. His clients include the two biggest municipal insurers in California.

In 1994, Dr. Albrecht co-wrote Ticking Bombs: Defusing Violence in the Workplace, one of the first business books on workplace violence. Besides his work as a conference presenter and keynote speaker, he appears in the media and on the Internet, as a source on workplace violence, security, and crime. His 21 business and police books include Library Security; Tough Training Topics; Added Value Negotiating; Service, Service, Service!; and Fear and Violence on the Job.

He holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration (D.B.A.), an M.A. in Security Management, a B.A. in English, and a B.S. in Psychology. He is board-certified in HR, security management, employee coaching, and threat assessment.

Past Webinars - Recordings Available for Purchase:


Praise for Dr. Albrecht:

"Your suggestions of what to say to challenging patrons will really help me once we allow patrons back into the library. Thanks!" - Lori from IL

"Not only have I learned incredibly valuable skills to use in my career as a public librarian, those lessons will have a ripple effect as I teach a course on Social Crisis Management... I always give Dr. Albrecht the credit in the portions of my lecture and presentation.  And have first hand experiences using these lessons to support his approach. Thanks again for lending your expertise to ensure that as librarians we can remain safe, keep our customers safe and still deliver on our mission and the meaningful work we do each day." - Jen 

"You helped to keep my brain from turning into mush during this long time off. Thank you!" - C. from MO

"I was able to view Library Safety and Security and Interacting with the Homeless. I learned so much and appreciate the education you offered.  I became aware of changes, large and small that I can make in my life to enhance how I interact with all people. I do hope our library offers your classes in the future because I did not view all the webinars that I wanted to and I am sure my coworkers feel the same. Thank you again." - Vicki from VA

"I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your webinars... I watched 5 of them and found them to be incredibly informative. Currently I am working with my library's director to put together a situation response manual for safety and security matters that apply to our own library... What you have shared has been very useful to help set up some guidelines and decide a good direction for training within our organization. Thank you so much for sharing your insights." - Jennifer from IN

"Thank you for the great content. I appreciate it." - Carmen from MT

"[I] found [your webinars] extremely helpful and informative. Thanks again and stay safe!" - Christine from PA

"I remember when you came to our Annual Employee Training Session and presented a terrific class. I was able to view all of your webinars during this time and I learned so much. Your generosity of spirit during this pandemic is truly appreciated and your kindness will be remembered. Thanks again and Cheers." - Bernadette from CA

"We have watched a couple of [your webinars] in the past and they always provide a great approach to issues that are becoming more and more common in public libraries." - Rod from TX

"Your webinars were educational and inspiring." - Karen from GA

"I have recently watched all your webinars... (this begins to sound like a groupie saying, "I have all your records!") and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from them. They were probably the best work at home professional development material I encountered in the two months my library has been closed. I've worked in public libraries since 1988 and everything you said makes sense in my experience. I look forward to putting what I learned from your webinars to use when we eventually reopen to the people the library exists for. Many thanks!" - Barbara from BC Canada

"'I've learned a lot from your diverse offerings as I knew that I would. I listened to 4 of your webinars at this run. I also attended your talk last year at one of our branch libraries. I hope that your presentations remain in my mind and that your practical, philosophical and respectful methods of engagement can be brought forth in times of need." - Deborah from CA

"We don't always take the time to do online courses or participate in webinars because of time and money restraints. We have been lucky to have the time now to take advantage of these opportunities. Your webinars really pack a lot of info in the time allotted. Your observations and surveys conducted with staff across the country made this applicable and the reality. Many of the situations described sound like our day to day interactions with patrons. Again thank you so much for these valuable webinars. I hope we will be open soon and able to put your tips into practice." - Kathy from MD

"I’ve really enjoyed all of your webinars, especially the ones about security and challenging patrons, and I’ve gained some useful knowledge that I can utilize at my library. I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks again!" - Deborah from OH

"You're the best of the best." - Nick from CA

"I have found your webinars especially helpful during this time of stay-at-home orders and the inability to report to work for my daily schedule. (My branch is closed indefinitely.) I have especially found "Interacting with the Homeless" and "Stress Management for Library Staff" as the most help to date. I have been doing daily meditation as a stress reliever and taking time to find happiness despite all that is taking place in this world.... having this opportunity to listen to your thought-processes is very invigorating and life-changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Danielle from MD

"[Y]ou've expanded our minds and helped us greatly with your generosity. Thank you for all that you do, I appreciate it immensely." - Valerie from TX

"Thank you very much for your work and very good webinar." - Donna from IN

"I appreciate your vast knowledge on patrons and safety situations." - Mary from IL

"I've long wanted to explore your work, and have enjoyed and learned from 4 of your webinars so far, with plans to view them all. They are excellent! I am charged with leading our staff around issues of safety and security in our rural system, and you are a clear and dynamic voice in our field. I really appreciate your experience, knowledge, and presentation style, down to talking fast to get the most information into the time of the presentation! Hopefully, I'll be able to obtain the new edition of your book soon, as I hope to keep these themes as relevant currents for the duration of my career." - Kimberlee from CA

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Learning Revolution Shows Today & Tomorrow: "The Microschool Show," "Educators Unmuted," "Behavior Challenges and Teacher Overwhelm," "COVID-19 Without the Politics" #learningrevolution

We have three live Learning Revolution shows this week ("Teaching by Heart" and "Thrive in EDU" are on hiatus this week) plus one pre-recorded show. Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time--to see the schedule in your own time zone, and to get the links to attend live in Zoom, please use the SCHEDULE page on the Learning Revolution site.

  • PRE-RECORDED - The Microschool Show #3 with Mara Linaberger. "In Episode 3 of the Microschools SHOW, I talk with Mandy Spiczka, owner of SHINE Together in Sauk Rapids, MN. SHINE Together is a tutoring service unlike any other. Academic concepts are fully integrated into real-life experiences, offering a depth of learning unmatched by conventional education options. Each child’s interests shape their educational path, with adult guidance and support along the way. The rich learning environment provided at SHINE Together allows each individual to improve in challenge areas as well as fully cultivate unique strengths. Visit to learn more." Register (free) at and you'll find the show in the schedule on October 20th.

WEDNESDAY'S SHOWS (October 21st):
  • 10:00 AM - The Connected Classroom - Educators Unmuted. "Join us for a lively discussion about the things that are most important to you right now as we continue to work our way through 19 and re-define education going forward. If you are a concerned educator, parent, or student, please join in as the mics are always open in the Connected Classroom and we want to hear from you."

  • 7:15 PM - ECEL - Episode 13: "Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom that Lead to Teacher Overwhelm" "Rachel Freeman of Safe Space Teaching is an educator that teaches with the heart. Having experience in both the inclusive and self-contained environment, she understands what students AND teachers experience day in and day out. I was drawn to her blog about empathy. Rachel states, 'For students affected by trauma, regardless of age, it can be extremely difficult to push past feelings of self-deprecation to reach those happy moments. In turn, they can struggle with empathizing with peers because their emotional processes have been disrupted. Students may truly not have natural empathy due to past traumas. Do we want these students to care about others? Of course we do! Yet, that’s not our first priority. So, how exactly do teachers support these students in building up to learning how to empathize with others? We teach self-compassion. By breaking down the feelings, language, and concepts of being kind to OURSELVES first, we have a better chance of transferring these skills.'"

THURSDAY'S SHOW (October 22nd):
  • 4:00 PM - REINVENTING.SCHOOL with host Howard Blumenthal. This week's topic: "COVID-19 Without the Politics." Don't miss the recording of last week's show, "Education Decisions at the State Level," looking at the world of school from a different point-of-view. Often, when asked about key classroom and school decisions, people at the local level (teachers, principals, school districts) look to state government. And so, last week, we were joined by Randy Spaulding, Executive Director of the Washington State Board of Education; and Sydnee Dickson, Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

See you "online!"


Steve Hargadon