Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Value of Role-Play Practice at Staff Meetings: Using Challenging Patron Situations to Get Our Responses Right

We've also just posted a new Dr. Albrecht blog post in our "Library Service, Safety, & Security" section of Library 2.0: "The Value of Role-Play Practice at Staff Meetings: Using Challenging Patron Situations to Get Our Responses Right."

Real life rarely imitates the training experience. Except when it does. There is much value to "practice makes perfect" and "perfect practice makes for perfect execution." In other words, what we do in training we can remember and use on the library floor.

One way and one place to get it right is by using role-play scenarios, for about 45 minutes or so, at staff meetings, to practice what to say and how to say it, for more challenging, complex conversations and service interactions with patrons. One employee plays the part of the staffer and another plays the part of the patron. They each can add their own approach (and twists and turns) to the following 12 scenarios here, with an eye toward improving, problem-solving, and perhaps most importantly, by creating a common response that is used staff-wide, in similar situations, so we show a consistency of message.

The role-plays should only take about five minutes. At the end, the group can give both role-players some feedback as to what they heard and saw (body language is a big part of our success with challenging patrons too) and what they liked and what they might say or do differently. The goal is to be supportive and informative for all in the room.

Read the full post here.

While Dr. Albrecht's twice-monthly podcast and blog posts are available for free, as are our regular mini-conferences and all the conference recordings, we offer a series of his paid webinars and recordings  which are available for individual or group viewing here.

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Since 2000, Dr. Steve Albrecht has trained thousands of library employees in 25+ states, live and online, in service, safety, and security. His programs are fast, entertaining, and provide tools that can be put to use immediately in the library workspace with all types of patrons. In 2015, the ALA published his book, Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities. He is currently writing the sequel, The Safe Library: Keeping Staff and Patrons Secure in a Changing World.

Steve holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration (D.B.A.), an M.A. in Security Management, a B.A. in English, and a B.S. in Psychology. He is board-certified in HR, security management, employee coaching, and threat assessment.

He has written 24 books on business, security, and leadership topics. He lives with seven dogs, two cats, and three chickens.

Dr. Albrecht's recent podcasts episodes include "Mentorship and Succession Planning to Develop Library Leaders," "The Power of Staff Meetings,"Are We Making It Too Hard to Hire Qualified Library People?," "Tools and Tips for Library Supervisors: Parts 1 & 2," "Stop Saying Calm Down," Spirit of Service," "Library Civility: A Code for How We Treat Each Other," "The Code of Quality Service," and "The Power of Surveys." You can listen directly on the site or you should also be able to access the podcast in SoundCloud here or in your own podcast app using the RSS feed here Click here to let us know what topics you'd be particularly interested in having us cover in the Library 2.0 webinars, blog posts, and podcast series. 

Dr. Albrecht's other recent blog posts are available here, including: "Gang Problems in the Library: A Rare But Challenging Security Concern," "The 'Best Boss – Worst Boss' Exercise: Assessing Yourself as a Library Leader," "Developing Financial Knowledge and Budget Skills: What Every Library Supervisor Needs to Know," "Puzzled About the Police Response in Your Library? Perhaps a Better Understanding of Their Unique Culture Will Help," "Safety and Security at the Jacksonville (FL) Library" (a 40-minute video interview with Chet Price, the Safety and Security Manager at the Jacksonville (FL) Library), Solving Conflicts Between Library Employees: A Tool For Getting Along When No One Wants to Get Along," "Is There Hidden Bias at Your Library?," "The Hidden Power of the Pages (Our Employees, Not Our Books)," "Forgiveness: How Libraries Can Host Programs on Restorative Practices - An Interview with Azim Khamisa," "Do Your Library Employees Have the “Spirit of Service?,” and "Library Civility: A Code for How We Treat Each Other." 

Monday, November 22, 2021

30 Minutes to Fewer Student Interruptions - as soon as tomorrow!

30 Minutes to Fewer Student Interruptions - as soon as tomorrow!
Part of the LearningRevolution.com “Survive and Thrive!” Series


It's happened to all of us. We finally get in the swing of a lesson and a student has a behavior that just can't be ignored. Maybe they are making loud noises. Maybe they are attempting to leave the group/room. Maybe they are silently crying. You know they need help regulating their emotional state. But, how are you supposed to support that student and still teach the rest of the group? The answer is empowering students with self-regulation strategies they can use independently. Kara will be sharing 5 strategies for you to use with your students, all of which can be implemented quickly and easily. By giving students permission to self-regulate, you will create an environment for teaching with less student interruptions! And when you are empowered with these 5 strategies, you will be able to begin to empower your students immediately! These strategies are also a great way to start things off fresh after winter break!

DATE: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (click HERE to see in your own time zone)

LENGTH: 30 minutes

COST: $29/person - includes any-time access to the recording and any presenter handouts and a participation certificate if needed. To arrange group discounts (see below), to submit a purchase order, or for any registration difficulties or questions, email steve@learningrevolution.com.

REGISTRATION: Click HERE or the payment image above to register. If you have any trouble registering for a webinar, if you need to be invoiced, or if you have any questions, please email admin@learningrevolution.com. Orders can come in and be confirmed up until 30 minutes before the webinar.

SPECIAL GROUP RATES (email admin@learningrevolution.com to arrange):

  • Multiple individual log-ins and access from the same organization paid together: $20 each for 10+ registrations, $15 each for 25+ registrations.
  • The ability to show the webinar (live or recorded) to a group located in the same physical location or in the same virtual meeting from one log-in: $99.
  • Large-scale institutional access for viewing with individual login capability: $249.

KARA GUIFF (@KaraGuiff)
Teacher, Lead Trainer, White's Jr/Sr. High, Guiff Goodies for Education

Kara is an innovative special education teacher with 30 years of experience in K-12 education, as well as the lead trainer/speaker for Guiff Goodies For Education. She has been a resource teacher, interventionist, and co-teacher in general education classrooms and is currently an alternative education instructor at White’s Jr/Sr High in a blended learning environment. She is passionate about utilizing available tools and methods to help teachers save time without sacrificing effectiveness. Kara loves keeping up with and learning new tech and teaching methods and is excited to share things with other educators. You are invited to join her Facebook Group: Thriving In SpEd and can find out more about her at guiffgoodiesforeducation.com.


How to Bring Genius Hour Into Your Classroom with Angela Maiers
Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM US-Eastern Time
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Steve Hargadon