Monday, February 13, 2012

Join Us for Community Activities at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs

CUE Unplugged is a series of crowd-sourced activities that take place in, around, and with the support of the annual CUE (Computer Using Educators) Conference, held in Palm Springs each year.

All of these events are free and do not require signing up anywhere except to be registered for CUE, so just come join us! Specific locations will be posted prior to the conference. And a HUGE thanks to CUE for making this all possible!

Thursday, March 15th (9am - 3pm) - SOCIALEDCON: SocialEdCon (formerly EduBloggerCon) is an "unconference" activity allowing educators to create and then hold a set of informal discussions. Started five years ago with a very small meeting (me and Barbara Barreda!) at Shakey's Pizza in Palm Spring and held for the last several years the day before CUE, SocialEdCon graduates this year to our own room during the conference! Come join us early Thursday morning to plan the day, then feel free to come and go as you please, attending both traditional CUE sessions and our unconference ones! There are no formal presentations, just "conversations" that you or others facilitate. To lead a session, it is not expected that you prepare material but that you have a topic you want to open to discussion. Let others know you're going to be there by joining the CUE SocialEdCon group at Classroom 2.0.

Friday, March 16th (All day)- UNPLUGGED: Originally conceived as a "fringe festival" or a "salon de refuses," CUE Unplugged is an all-day alternate presentation venue inside the conference--anyone can sign up to present on a topic that might not have been current when proposals for the conference were due, or maybe even a topic that didn't get accepted to the main conference! Or maybe you were too nervous to even apply! Held in a formal presentation area at CUE, these sessions are also streamed live to those not able to physically attend CUE. Sessions are half the normal length of a CUE presentation. A signup page will be posted shortly--check back or wait for an announcement at The unplugged sessions are not for commercially-sponsored presentations, however, so please do not submit to present on any commercial project or product with which you have any association.

ALL CONFERENCE, March 15th - 17th, - THE BLOGGERS' CAFE: Also in it's FIFTH year now, the Bloggers' Cafe is an informal, couch-chairs-floor gathering area in the conference center for bloggers, social media mavens, and anyone else who wants to find and connect with others. A beehive of constant activity and conversation, the Bloggers' Cafe makes it hard to go do anything else once you discover it.

Previous years' activities are stored at

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