Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Learning Instead of Teaching - Nicholas Negroponte

Thanks to Gary Stager for sending me the following video of Nicholas Negroponte talking about rethinking global education based on learning rather than teaching.

The current experiment he describes in the video--to see if the millions of children in villages that have no schools can learn to read by themselves--should be married to 1) Sugata Mitra's work on social learning by groups of children, and 2) the education team I've heard that Amazon has looking at providing Kindles in similar circumstances.

Still hoping I can get both Nicholas and Sugata on the FutureofEducation.com show for interviews!  


  1. Just for the record, Sugata Mitra is actually woring eith Nicholas Negropnte on a research about how kids learn to read and if they can do it by themselves. Another member of the research is Marianne Wilf ;)

  2. Mariana: Thanks! Do you know any of them well enough to reach out?

  3. I meant Maryanne Wolf.... sorry.
    No, unfortunately I don't really now them. :(
    But Gary Stager might have some contacts ;)


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