Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SupportBlogging's New Google Custom Search Engine

Today, after some email exchanges with Chris Craft, I set up a Google "Custom Search Engine" at SupportBlogging.com. It lets you search inside the blogs, articles, and websites that are listed at the site. It also lets you refine your search just to specific blog categories (general, teacher, student, or administrator blogs), or just to articles or websites.

Not entirely certain how useful this will be, but does seem to provide an opportunity to look specifically at what the "edublogosphere" has to say on a particular topic. Now, while the new SupportBlogging! custom search engine searches 111 sites, I'll allow that this is far from exhaustive in the educational blogging sphere. But as sites are added to SuppportBlogging!, I'll add them into the search engine. Or if anyone points me to some easily imported lists of edublogger sites, I will add them as well (as long as I can keep them categorized).

I also did some long-overdue housekeeping on the site, and hope it is a little more user-friendly. I moved some of the lesser-accessed pages to being linked on a new "More" page, as well as consolidated the list of edubloggers to one page. Comments always welcome.