Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Covid-19 School Leader Bootcamp - Managing the Shift to Distance and Hybrid Models

[This is a sponsored advertisement through Steve Hargadon's Learning Revolution programs. You will receive $50 off by using the coupon code "HARGADON" if you decide to work with Beyond Technology.]

Please consider joining the team from Beyond Technology on July 29th for a 90-minute live training that breaks down everything your need to know about adapting your school for Covid-19. This paid bootcamp includes a live Q&A so that you can ask all of your urgent questions on how to set up your school for Covid-19 and keeping staff and students safe. It also includes a private one-hour consultation to discuss the exact challenges your school is facing when it comes to Covid-19.

Beyond Technology has 29 years of combined experience helping schools with their "ed stack" - their technology foundation. They have helped 211 schools with building a distance or hybrid model for learning, and have trained over 3,000 teachers. 

Action Plan Team
We will work with you to build the right team across stakeholders to not only implement but get buy-in from your staff.
Access & Equity
Next, we will help you determine what issues you have with access and equity to technology. Let's make sure your students have the needed access.
Build Your ED Stack
Choosing the proper Education Technology Stack is crucial to success. Our team will help you put the right tools in place for the best results.
Technology is only a tool. You have to have the right training to use it properly. Our team will train your staff, students, and parents.
Curriculum Design
The BTE team is here to make sure we are not just throwing technology at the problem, but also that it's seamlessly integrated into your curriculum.
Just like Silicon Valley, we have to be prepared to iterate as needed. Our team stays up to date with the latest technology so you're never left behind.

To learn more (and get your $50 discount with coupon code "HARGADON"), please go to https://www.beyondk12.com/covid-bootcamp.

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