Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Webinar - Organizing and Hosting Online Educational Events (Conference 2.0)

WEBINAR + Q&A + 1-HOUR CONSULTATION: "Conference 2.0 - Organizing and Hosting Online Educational Events," a 60-minute webinar and Q&A with Steve Hargadon.

DATE AND TIME: Thursday, March 19th, 2020 | 4:00 pm US-Eastern Daylight Time | Live and Recorded

OVERVIEW: Online conferences are an incredibly effective way to gather groups or learning communities around a topic. They have the advantage of not requiring the significant travel, financial, and logistical elements of a physical event, but they have their own unique sets of challenges.

Currently, because of world-wide health concerns, many groups are thinking about taking their physical event and transforming it into a virtual/online event. This transition is not uncomplicated, and this webinar will outline the simple and important elements  that are needed to ensure a successful online event.

An online educational event can be an amazing opportunity for an organization or individuals to create value for an audience. Take advantage of the lessons learned from ten years of hosting large educational conferences online.​

  • ​The core difference between physical and virtual educational conferences;
  • Practical and effective online event strategies;
  • Planning your conference preparation timeline;
  • Marketing and advertising online events;
  • Pricing structures and revenue expectations;
  • Vendor / sponsor roles and opportunities;
  • Event timing and length;
  • Unique staff roles for online events;
  • Important communication differences for online events;
  • Managing new expectations for presenters, volunteers, and attendees;
  • Managing a volunteer team for an online event;
  • Training sessions;
  • Scheduling and organizational tools;
  • Conference platforms, and special notes for using Zoom;
  • Creating non-session benefits for attendees: socializing, individual conversations, vendor contacts;
  • Managing attendees questions and problems during the event;
  • Planning for special day-of challenges or technology failures.

AUDIENCE: This webinar program is for all individuals or organizations thinking about hosting an online educational conference or event, either for the first time or as part of transforming a physical event to virtual.

COST: $499. This can be an individual or organizational purchase. The cost includes one log-in account for both viewing the webinar and accessing the recording, a copy of the presentation slides, and a one-hour phone/video individual consultation. For group discounts, to pay by check, or for any registration questions, email

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STEVE HARGADON has been running large physical and online educational conferences for more than 10 years--over 100 events, with thousands of speakers, and hundreds of thousands of attendees.

​Steve built one of the first modern social networks for teachers in 2007 (Classroom 2.0), then pioneered the use of live, virtual, and peer-to-peer education conferences, including the Global Education Conference with Lucy Gray and the Library 2.0 conference series with San Jose State University's School of Information.

Steve blogs, speaks, and consults on education and technology, and the online communities for his virtual and physical events have over 150,000 members. He has been the Emerging Technologies Chair for ISTE, a one-time regular co-host of the annual Edublog Awards, and the author of "Educational Networking: The Important Role Web 2.0 Will Play in Education" and "Modern Learning: Re-Discovering the Transformative Promise of Educational Technology." He was the recipient of the 2010 Technology in Learning Leadership Award (CUE). Focusing on educational technology and social networking, he has done contract work, consulted with, or served on advisory boards for Acer, Adobe, Blackboard, CoSN, Horizon Project / New Media Consortium (NMC), Instructure, Intel, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, MERLOT, Microsoft, Mightybell, NAMLE, Ning, PBS, Promethean, Speak Up / Project Tomorrow, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. State Department, and others.

"It’s true - @stevehargadon is a national treasure." @markjotter

"Steve is an amazing facilitator. He brings this wonderful combination of humility, hospitality and insight to conversations that matter in education."
-Bernard Bull

"He is a man of incredible character and wisdom, and again, I am lucky to know him and work well with him."
-Lucy Gray

"Attracting over 10,000 information professionals each year from all around the world to discuss trends and interests in the Library 2.0 Virtual Conference series would not be possible without Steve’s highly focused organizational skills, his creative thinking, his ability to connect people, and his infectious and motivating enjoyment for the work."
-Dr. Sandy Hirsh, Director of the San Jose State University School of Information and Co-Chair of the Library 2.0 Conferences

"Steve is one of the most influential yet understated individuals in the world of Education. He gives thought leaders a widely attended global platform to voice their ideas to transform Education, and he does so with tremendous respect and intelligence."
-Charles Fadel

"Steve is a connector. He is a bridge. He is a lifeline. He takes the lead. He gets things done. Quite simply, Steve Hargadon is a humble, kind, unsung hero who makes a difference in the lives of educators worldwide."
-Joyce Valenza

"The depth of your observations from last night is still resonating with me. I'm trying to think of another interview I've given where the questioner understood the material so well that he/she so regularly (and fluidly) went into new intellectual territory. I can't think of any. Pretty amazing. Thank you."
-David Shenk

"Steve conducted the most in-depth interview I've ever been through and I enjoyed it to boot!"
-Doc Searls

"Steve is the Oprah of education."
-Monika Hardy's Students

"Steve is the 'white knight' of education reform."
-Michelle Cordy

"The nicest guy in ed tech."
-Rushton Hurley

"Steve is a national treasure."
-Leonard Waks

"Steve Hargadon is one of the most important change-makers of our time!"
-Connie Weber

"Steve is a forge! The heat of the conversations he instigates and the amazing thinkers he interviews for The Future of Education, soften the metal of some of my most valued visions and reshape them into ideas that are better … that excite me … that make it hard for me to sleep. If we succeed in hacking education into something that is, once again, relevant, we will owe more to Steve Hargadon than we will ever know."
-David Warlick​

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