Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Global Collaboration Day Has Arrived (It's Thursday in New Zealand!)

It’s now Thursday in the South Pacific--and that means Global Collaboration Day has arrived! One day, September 15th, all around the world = 48 actual hours to share.

Over the next two of days, students, classrooms, teachers, administrators, parents and organizations will be either attending and/or hosting events online that are designed to showcase and promote global collaboration. We (Lucy Gray + Steve Hargadon, co-chairs of the Global Education Conference) are the calendar coordinators but not the direct conveners: that is, over 135 groups from 25 countries have designed and planned their own events which we have then organized into a directory and in special calendars to allow these events to be seen in any time zone in the world.

The second-annual Global Collaboration Day is a huge worldwide demonstration of the power of globally-connected learning.

We encourage you to browse the event directory or the calendar and choose a compelling event to attend! Read directions and our website carefully to prepare. While events can still be added until tonight at 9 PM GMT-6 (instructions here), a current list of the events is at the bottom of this post.
Here are some important links for you to keep handy:
AND, please take a moment to learn about the new GREAT GLOBAL ​PROJECT CHALLENGE: Between now and October 1, 2016,  global educators will design collaborative projects in which other students and teachers may participate during the course of the 2016-2017 school year.

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors, shown beneath the events. Kudos to them!

See you online,

Lucy and Steve


Wednesday, September 14

  • How can we learn about the world through math story problems?
5:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale
  • Data analysis and plotting on graph
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale

Thursday, September 15

  • Speaking Walls- Historical monuments and buildings across the globe
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale
  • Medicinal Plants in my garden
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale
  • iMagzz-Making Myself Heard
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale
  • Seasons around the globe
  • So Different Yet So Alike
  • Northern Collegiate Project Samoa at Helensvale
  • Poetry Magic
  • Teaching US History in Global Context: Let's Make it Happen!
  • Solidarity Radio Online Friend
  • experience learning communities : Solidarity Ràdio Friend Online
  • Eleven Days of Peace
  • The Time Train
  • Amazing Race Global Project
  • Global Schools for Local Action
  • worldpeacemuseum
  • Educators-Professionals or Not
  • Gardening Globally!
  • Learn with the World through iEARN Global Projects
  • PokemonGo Connect
  • We Stand #WithRefugees
  • Unicollaboration: global student connections
  • Global School Leaders Network Launch Party
  • Matone de Chiwit (Drops of Life) Working to End Water Scarcity in Latin America
  • 3D Printed Prosthetics - A Gateway to Authentic Student Design and Problem Solving
  • Challenge Accepted
  • Using Technology to Improve Access to Education
  • Where Do the Children Play
  • Back to School Traditions Around the World
  • Getting Started: Connecting to a World of Perspectives on WorldVuze!
  • International Dot Day
  • Daffodils and Tulips
  • GEC Periscope Poetry Slam
  • Healthy Living Tips
  • Future Global Teachers Meet and Greet GCD 2016
  • One Wish For the School Year
  • Talking Kites in the footsteps of J. Korczak
  • 2nd Graders of the World Unite!
  • Edmodo Small Groups & Badges
  • Excursions in Mathematics
  • How much water do you use?
  • Global Geography Exchange
  • Theory Meets Practice: Transforming education one student at at time
  • You are a global educator, it's time to start thinking like one!
  • Clase invertida (o flipped classroom)
  • Open Educational Resources and eLearning: A Global Focus
  • Assessment that promotes learning
  • International Book Club through iEARN
  • EveryWorld Initiative: Digital Cross-Cultural Exchanges
  • Let's Explore Africa
  • What it Means to Be a Global Citizen
  • Partner with us on Global STEM project

Friday, September 16

  • Discussion on mobile apps and web sites developed by K12 students

Saturday, September 17

  • Zero to Hero

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