Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Global Collaboration Day Update!

This is just a quick reminder with important information about our upcoming Global Collaboration Day! The objective of our next event is to help more educators become connected to global education organizations and to other professionals who are experienced with globally connected teaching and learning. Educators and organizations will be hosting simple online events on September 15th in order to demonstrate what global collaboration looks like. Events are designed for a variety of audiences including teachers, students, parents, and organizational leaders.

Event Participants
  1. If you are going to participate in Global Collaboration Day by attending a virtual event, visit this page: http://www.globalcollaborationday.org/join-an-event.html. You do not need to host an event to participate. On this page, click on your time zone to see events in your individual time zone!
  2. If you'd like to see events in a directory format, check out this page: http://www.globalcollaborationday.org/2016-events-listings
  3. Make sure to have your school or non-profit organization listed on our participant page: http://www.globalcollaborationday.org/participating-schools--orgs.html and add your school or organization to our collaborative map.
  4. Contact individual event hosts if you have any questions. There is no deadline to participate unless there is a deadline set by an individual host. 
Event Hosts
  1. Consider hosting an event on September 15th. The deadline for submissions has been extended until Wednesday, September 14th, at 9 PM GMT-6.
  2. Ideas for events and directions are posted here: http://www.globalcollaborationday.org/host-your-own-event.html. We recommend keeping events relatively simple.
  3. Great Global Project Challenge participants should consider hosting an event for Global Collaboration Day, but it is not required. 

Share Information

Help us spread the word by sharing these flyers with friends and colleagues:

Thank you to our sponsors for making Global Collaboration Day. Make sure to check out VIF International Education, Google for Education,iEARN-USA, and Edmodo for tools and opportunities to connect globally.

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