Monday, February 05, 2007

The School 2.0 "Manifesto" Begins...

Literally torn from a paper tablecloth at the London Grill restaurant in Philadelphia are the first notes on a "School 2.0 Manifesto." To be fair, the discussion really started (and got legs) with Will Richardson and Chris Sessums at the FETC EduBloggerCon during Orlando, Florida the week before, but this was the first actual instance of pen to paper (notice the copy of The World Is Flat underneath the papers--symbolic, wouldn't you say?)

On this night, Chris Lehman, Michelle Moore, Bill Fitzgerald, and I had a deep dinner conversation on education and technology. Deep enough that I felt I'd better start recording some of these ideas.

Will's original suggestion was a documentary in the form of a documentary like An Inconvenient Truth, but focused on education. While that seems like a huge task, we'll set ourselves the intermediate goal of using EduBloggerCon 2007 in Atlanta as a forum forum this dialog...

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