Friday, February 09, 2007

Cellular Broadband Saves the Day

I'm in Santa Cruz, California, and had a scheduled audio interview with David Warlick today. I came down here last night for the Beacon Education Network's public "roundtable" meeting on education (which I'll be posting about soon--it was pretty seriously fascinating), but found that the erratic DSL at my brother-in-law's house was leaving me worried about my interview with David. So I plugged my cellular broadband PCMCIA card into my laptop, drove to a parking lot in town with a view of a cellular tower, and conducted the interview on Skype over cellular broadband... in my car. :) There was some slight audio distortion, but all-in-all, I was impressed at how well it worked. Since I am trying to decide if I'll keep this extra cellular service (I have a 15 day trial period), I've been testing it in different locations and anywhere I seem to get two bars on my cell phone, I tend to have a fairly positive browsing experience using the wireless broadband.

By the way, the interview with David was pretty great, and will get posted soon after one I did with Terry Freedman a couple of weeks back. Here's what I have decided is the key to success in an interview series: interview interesting people, and let them talk a lot.

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