Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LTSP/K12LTSP Interviews Now Available; Mike Huffman Upcoming

There are two webcast interviews now available to download from last week: Jim McQuillan and Eric Harrison on LTSP and K12LTSP; and Daniel Howard, William Fragakis, and Shawn Adams on the Atlanta Public Schools' work with K12LTSP. Unfortunately, the sound wasn't as great on these recordings, but the topic material was awesome!

Jim and Eric
Daniel, William, and Shawn

Jim and Eric
Daniel, William, and Shawn

This Thursday night (August 10), I'll be interviewing Mike Huffman from Indiana, who will talk about his work on their INAccess program and the role that Linux is playing in that effort. The one-hour interview will be broadcast live at 5:00 pm PDT / 8:00 pm EDT, and will also be available afterwards in recorded form. Links to join the live Skypecast, to leave questions, or to learn more are at www.K12OpenSource.com/Interviews.

The following weeks I'll be interviewing Michelle Moore (Remote Learner) about Moodle, Victoria Davis (Westwood Schools) and Adam Frey (Wikispaces) about Wikis, and Ruth Lutes and Ragavan Srinivasan (both from HP) about Open Source Licensing. To suggest future interview topics, or to contribute to the wiki, visit K12OpenSource.com.

I'm sorry to say that Miguel Guhlin has had to reconsider his participation as co-host, and so for the time being I will be flying solo. Anyone interested in serving as co-host can email me directly. With Miguel's departure I intend to expand the show to include not only K12 Open Source topics, but will also include Web 2.0, educational technology, computer reuse, and some very specific interviews on Linux thin client. :)

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