Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday's K12 Open Source Interview on LTSP & K12LTSP

For those interested in Linux thin-client technology, our webcast interviews on Thursday evening should be noteworthy. We'll be expanding our format for this week, and holding two interviews. The first, starting at 5:00pm PDT/8:00pm EDT will be with Jim McQuillan and Eric Harrison. Jim is the founder and project leader of the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), and Eric is one of the lead volunteers for the prepackaged K12LTSP distribution.

The second interview will start at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT and will include Daniel Howard, William Fragakis, and Shawn Adams to discuss the status and roll-out of Linux thin client in Atlanta Public Schools.

Instructions on logging into the Skypecast and/or chatroom are on the web at You can leave questions in advance for our guests at the links indicated in the schedule. The recorded interviews will be available as podcasts sometime on Friday. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds for the podcasts for the interview series using the link

Next week, August 10th, we interview Mike Huffman, the Special Assistant on Technology for the Indiana Department of Education, who will discuss the use of Linux and Open Source Software their push for affordable classroom computers for every secondary student. On August 17th we'll be interviewing Michelle Moore from Remote Learning about the ever-popular Open Source program Moodle.

We hope you these interviews are of interest, and encourage your feedback and comments.

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