Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The "Starting to Homeschool" Webinar Series—Free! #homeschooling #homelearningsummit


From Pat Farenga, President and Publisher at Holt GWS LLC:

As the pandemic makes conventional schooling more difficult, I want to share these videos at no cost to you and to anyone you know who would be interested in them. Sept. 14, 2020 also marks the 35th anniversary of John Holt’s death so, to honor his memory, here is a way to encourage you to enjoy living and learning with your children without turning your home into a miniature school. Please share the link: 


Originally recorded in 2015, these webinars are particularly relevant today as families seek ways to keep their children safe and help them learn. You can remove your child from public or private school at any time and homeschool them, and your children can matriculate back to school if they need to. Homeschoolers have been doing so for decades. 

My co-producer of this series, Steve Hargadon, and I wish you well on your homeschooling journey.

—Pat Farenga

The webinar titles are: 

1) Why Homeschool? 

2) The Elementary School Years and Homeschooling Laws and Regulations

3) What Do We Do Now That We’re Home?

4) Addressing Challenges and Concerns

5) Homeschooling Teenagers

6) Year-Round Learning Opportunities

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