Friday, April 03, 2020

Daily Conference Events Begin Monday - The Schedule - Do You Want to Present or Host?

Welcome to the Learning Revolution! Here's some news about our daily online education conference, being held in April and May.

Our first conference sessions start this coming week. We have had 32 presentation proposals so far, and we are in the process of accepting them and getting them scheduled. The conference schedule is now updating, and there is a link on the main site that lets you see the events as they are scheduled, in your own time zone. The live Zoom links for each session will appear the day of the events. The conference hashtag is #learningrevolution
You can participate by presenting or organizing! 
  • Submit to present a regular session on an education topic of your choosing. Go here to do so. See the list of topic/strand ideas here. If you present for a living and need to figuring out an appropriate role in the Learning Revolution Conference, email
  • Host a conversation here. Instead of giving a formal presentation, would you like to guide a group discussion on a specific topic? Hosted conversations are listed in the conference calendar and held in a virtual Zoom room with up to 300 participants. 
  • Start a regular "show." We're looking for individuals who might want to host a regular topic-specific "show" or interview series during and after the conference--email if this is you! We've got some fun ones that are about to start.
  • Organize your own mini-conference inside of the Learning Revolution conference here. We've got the "Learning Commons" mini-conference starting to submit and schedule sessions. 
  • Help by sponsoring or supporting this event-- you can become a conference partner or sponsor, you can sponsor a special speaker or a show, or you can hold a commercial conference session. Email

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