Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Update: The 2020 Learning Revolution Daily Online Education Conference

Tomorrow is the official start of the 2020 Learning Revolution daily online conference, running during April and May. It's going to take us a few days to actually ramp up, but this is going to be fun!

I do, first, need to apologize: I'm about a week behind in really promoting the conference and starting the process for approving and holding sessions. This is because of the crushing response to a pandemic mini-conference I held last week in my Library 2.0 community. We ultimately had over 10,000 new people join that community, and as some of you might know, we have to approve every signup in order to keep the spammers at bay... We held four sessions--imagine 1000 people each live Zoom webinar rooms, and an additional 1,500 watching live YouTube video streams. It was crazy (and crazy good).

But now it's FULL STEAM AHEAD with the 2020 Learning Revolution Conference!

Here's how you can participate:

REGISTER: sign up to attend the event. It's free. There will a calendar of sessions for every day for two months, all free to attend, and available to see in your own time zone. Presenters have been invited to present on a broad range of education, teaching, and learning topics. We've also invited individuals to host topic conversations (not formal presentations) that you can join.
PRESENT: submit to on an education topic. You can see the long list of potential strand here. All presentations will be free for participants to attend live. Presentations will also be recorded and be made available to you for your own personal or professional use. (If you're used to getting paid to present, email admin@learningrevolution.com to discuss how you can work with an sponsoring organization to be a "sponsored speaker.")
HOST: host a conversation. Instead of giving a formal presentation, you'd like to guide a group discussion on a specific topic? Hosted conversations are listed in the conference calendar and held in a virtual Zoom room with up to 300 participants. We're also looking for individuals who might want to host a regular topic-specific "show" or interview series during and after the conference--email steve@learningrevolution.com if this is you!
ORGANIZE: Organize your own mini-conference inside of the Learning Revolution conference. You create a group for your topic, come up with a strand tag for your topic / group, encourage your audience (and/or others) to join learningrevolution.com and to submit topic-specific presentation proposals.
SPONSOR: Help support this event, either by becoming a conference partner or sponsor, by sponsoring a special speaker, or by holding a commercial conference session. Click on the link here or email steve@learningrevolution.com.
I've been holding online conference events in the education and library worlds for over ten years, with over 100 online and physical learning events during that time. This event will get promoted to my combined audience membership of 160,000 educators, administrators, librarians, students, and parents--and I hope you'll help me get the word out. I very excited to be doing this.

I personally believe that the technologies of the Internet and the Web have reshaped--and will continue to reshape--when, where, and from whom we learn... and even how we think about learning. As the boundaries of these learning worlds increasingly overlap, I hope these conversations will be critical to framing and moving forward the learning revolution that is taking place.

I hope you'll participate! See you "online!"

Steve Hargadon

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