Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 Global Education Conference - Day Four!

Thursday, November 19th, is the fourth and final day of the sixth annual Global Education Conference! We've had three great days of sessions and keynotes, and the recordings of any sessions that have taken place are accessible on the conference recordings page.

I joined a conference today during my breaks & connected with folks around the world - you can too!

The list of Thursday's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, go to the conference schedule page. Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled15. Session recordings are posted immediately following each session.

We do still need more volunteers to help moderate sessions! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Thursday, November 18th

12:00 AM

  • Dialogue Culture in Education - PhD Galina Pokhmelkina
  • Exploring Global Learning Opportunities - Nikolette Grace A. Ojerio, Exploring Global Learning Opportunities
  • Simulating the practice of a foreign language at work through the Open-Access Languages at Work through Drama Method (LWD) - Carlos S. Huerta Jimenez - USMEXFUSION Executive Director
  • Why study abroad? - Ms. Angelica Bartolome

1:00 AM

  • iCareProject: Teaching Students to Make Global Impact - Justine Ericz Tapang

3:00 AM

  • Can East meet West? Problematizing Westwards-looking educational reforms in Vietnam - Dr. Thi Tuyet Tran

4:00 AM

  • The Global Connected Educator - Anne Mirtschin

5:00 AM

  • Fostering Global Competency in an International School in Mongolia - Dr Kate Sutton Jones
  • Global Flipped Classrooms: Gaining Knowledge from All Around The World - Igo Trazo
  • My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action - Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs, iEARN USA Master Trainer and Project Facilitator; Chris Stevens Youth Network (CSYN) Facilitator, Social Studies Teacher
  • Social Networking Homes to Green with Love - Sajimol Sajeev, Dance Teacher

6:00 AM

  • LInking Colleagues, Researchers, Industries and Investments Today - Dr. Mirzi L. Betasolo

7:00 AM

  • Finding Solutions To Hunger, Poverty & Inequality - Bridget Stout
  • My Language, Your Language: Teaching and Learning Unfamiliar Scientific Terms In Filipino - Victoria J. M. Quindara
  • So You Think You Can Tweet Multiple Languages? - Kae Novak, Instructional Designer
  • Teachers Matter Everywhere: Professional Development in Rural School - Kay Stokes- Alidu, Associate Professor, International Business Studies

8:00 AM

  • Can College Prepare You to Be a Global Citizen? - Michael Lai, Student Outreach Lead, North America
  • Changing the Climate: How Globalizing My Classroom Created the Best Environment for ALL Learners - Jillian Thomas, Teacher
  • Culture-Educational Paradigm Shift Framework Approach - Dr. Mirzi L. Betasolo

9:00 AM

  • Educación Pre-Básica en Honduras: Experiencia de Integración Aflatot al Currículo Nacional - Patricia Betancourt, Técnico Especialista Educación
  • Global Collaboration in Student-Led Learning - Rachel Patton
  • Possibilities & Pitfalls: The State of Global Education - Dr. Brad Maguth, Associate Professor
  • Red de Aprendizaje Virtual Relacionados a la Administración, Que une la comunidad universitaria y secundaria - Gonzalo Andrés Rodríguez Arrieta - Docente Universitario

10:00 AM

  • Educating in the Ego of ID: The Role of Perceived Identity in Symbolic Politics - Jacob D. Matlock
  • Globalizing Curriculum for Real-World Impact: Lessons from Virtual Exchange - Katja Riikonen, Ph.D. Senior Officer – Training & Facilitation
  • How to be an Equitable Education Champion: Lessons for Everyday Activists - Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building
  • Taking the Mystery Skype to the Next Level - Mr. Rhett Oldham

11:00 AM

  • A Critical Look at the World Bank and Education - Steven J. Klees, Professor of International Education Policy
  • ArtLink en el Bosque Tropical Lluvioso de Guatemala - Gerardo Barillas, Maestro; Ramon Zetina, Coordinador de Programa; Miguel Barreto, Facilitador
  • Getting Started in Global Education - Glenna Gustafson, Associate Professor
  • The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN): Activities and Tools for the Teaching Profession in the Americas - Maria José de Leon, Education Consultant

12:00 PM

  • Connecting student communities around the world into one collaboration. - Mohammad Dayem Adnan.
  • Developing Religious Literacy in Schools: A Must to Nurture Global Citizenship - Anisha Ismail Patel, M.Ed, Founder & Chief Education Officer
  • Parent_to_Parent community of practice - Federico Monaco PhD
  • Refugee Story Circle - Wai Chum

1:00 PM

  • KEYNOTE: Ann Michaelsen

2:00 PM

  • Crowdsourcing Educational Projects on a Global Scale: From Research to Practice - Ioana Literat, Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design
  • K-12 Global Art Exchange w/ Electronic Follow Up - Paul Hurteau, Executive Director
  • Making the most of the cultural resources in the adult ed classroom - Anne Fox
  • The My Hero Project: Teachers Resources to Support Your Projects - Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist

3:00 PM

  • AFS-USA's Intercultural Learning eTool: Culture Trek: Classroom Connections - Tonya Muro, Ed.D., Director of School Outreach and Educational Partnerships
  • Diverse digital education for diverse global learners - Kelsey Catherine Schmitz, PhD Education content specialist
  • Hot Teaching Spots - Mrs. Maha Hassan
  • Using Diplomacy and Current Events to Build a Fluid Global Curriculum - Laura Miller, Social Studies Teacher

4:00 PM


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