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2015 Global Education Conference - Day Three!

Wednesday, November 18th, is day three of the sixth annual Global Education Conference. We've had two great days of sessions and keynotes, and the recordings of any sessions that have taken place are accessible on the conference recordings page.

Day 2 of the Global Educ Conference. Lots of good topics It's free, online, and you don't need to travel to attend.

The list of Wednesday's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, go to the conference schedule page. Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled15. Session recordings are posted immediately following each session.

We do still need more volunteers to help moderate sessions! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Wednesday, November 18th

3:00 AM
  • Students’ misconception of their employability assets: the case in Vietnam - Dr. Thi Tuyet Tran
4:00 AM
  • The youth, the community, and the planet - Angela Kristel Pelagio
5:00 AM
  • What's So Special: Learning the Basics and Creating Global Awareness in Special Education - Therese Casem
7:00 AM
  • Plataforma educativa virtual para reducir brechas entre docentes y alumnos - Profesora. Alba Silvana Salica
8:00 AM
  • Chinese Culture University-Eastern Connecticut State University global connections: First year college students collaboration - David L. Stoloff
  • Creating a school culture and climate that supports and promotes global classroom collaboration - Jennifer Hogan, Assistant Principal
  • How creating accessible electronic course materials improves internationalization - Janet Sedgley, Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator
  • The Power of Women's and Girls' Voices for Education Policy Change: Part I: Lessons from Collective Global Advocacy - Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building
9:00 AM
  • Developing Effective Digital Cross-Cultural Exchanges - Alicia Rescigno
  • Overcoming the Barriers that Come with Varying Social Classes - Ms. Wynzleen Lee
  • Technology as a possibility to value language teaching profession: yes, there is a choice! - Erica Coutrim
  • The Power of Women’s and Girls’ Voices for Education Policy Change: Part II: Effective Messaging on Global Education - Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building
10:00 AM
  • Authentic International Mindedness In Action - Dr. Mechelle Bryson, Executive Director
  • Developing Community Based Learning & Anchor Strategy to Support Transferable 21st Century Skills with College Graduates - Dr. Kristen Betts, Clinical Professor
  • Engaging student with Real World projects - the refugees crisis - Anne Farrell, Run This Way school program volunteer manager
  • Global Competencies for Teachers and Professional Development - Andreea Bordeianu, SEHS Global Initiatives Program Coordinator
11:00 AM
  • Crafting Global Learning Outcomes for Teaching the Ideals of Global Citizenship - Svetlana Filiatrieu, Ph.d
  • Global education and interculturality in eTwinning - Rose-anne Camilleri
  • Lessons from Denmark: Trends in Education, Technology Integration and their Global Implications - Brittany Spatz, Teacher
  • Oh, the places you’ll go: Teacher travel and the globally competent classroom - Jesse Weisz, Executive Director
12:00 PM
  • Encontrando tesoros en la Red - Profesora Cristina Velázquez
  • Global Connections in a Pre-Service Teacher Education Course - Mary Risner, Associate Director of Outreach
  • Global education technology for an inquiry-based classroom - Julia Coburn, WorldVuze Co-Founder
  • Take Your Classroom Global - Tania Rashid, Global Education Administrator
1:00 PM
  • KEYNOTE: Julie Lindsay and Katie Grubb - "Connect with China Collaborative and Global Perspectives"
2:00 PM
  • Bringing the World to the Classroom: The Importance of Global Competencies - Rachel Chasse-Assistant Director of Global Education for the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC
  • Cross-cultural Exchange: Building Leadership and 21st Century Skills - Mr. Ihab Salameh
  • The My Hero Project: Celebrating Heros in Classrooms - Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist
3:00 PM
  • Authentic Assessments for Global Awareness - Alana Rome, English Teacher
  • Global Partners Junior: Community Engagement with a Global Lens - Travis Hardy, Program Manager
  • Going Global in the Golden State: A Conversation with Dr. Emily Schell - Dave Potter
  • Poverty as a Lens to Global Competence - Cate Biggs, Adjunct Professor
4:00 PM
  • KEYNOTE: Kelly Clark
5:00 PM
  • Global Content, Local Lessons: Discover new strategies for creating interactive blended lessons with content created by teachers around the world through TES and Blendspace. - Erica Magnusson, Content Analyst, TES
  • Global Encounters: Connecting Classrooms to Address the World's Great Challenges. - Terry Godwaldt, Director of Programming
  • International Project-Based Learning: The Monarch Butterfly - Mrs. Ruth Valle
  • Write Our World - Multicultural eBooks by Kids for Kids - Julie Carey, Founder
6:00 PM
  • Developing Attitudes of Global Mindfulness: Linking Globalization with the Practices of Science - Jillian Wendt, Assistant Professor of Science Education
  • Global Collaboration Ideas from Flat Connections - Toni Olivieri-Barton, Library Technology Educator
  • Globalizing US History: How to do It! - Craig Perrier, High School Social Studies Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools & History Adjunct, Northeastern University
  • How to Embrace the Wonder of Global Learning Without Completely Messing with Your World - Jenna Broadbent, Community Director Kidnected World
7:00 PM
  • Divided Memories: Comparing History Textbooks in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States - Rylan Sekiguchi, Curriculum Specialist
  • KEYNOTE: Henry Harboe and Ritesh Mishra
  • La Medicion de la Calidad Educativa y la Acreditacion - M.Ed Estuardo Salazar Gini
  • Proyecto internacional "Un Mundo de Juegos" - Profesora Cristina Velázquez
8:00 PM
  • Going Global within your Curriculum - Lisa Parisi, GT Teacher, PLTW Teacher Trainer
  • Mobile Learning for Adult English Learners (ESL Students) - Expanding the Classroom Boundaries - Heidi Larson, Project Advisor
  • Promoting Global STEM through Educational Robotics Competition (RoboCupJunior) - Amy Eguchi, Associate Professor of Education
  • Shift Thinking of Middle School Students Who Come With Low Expectations About Their Ability to Learn: An introduction to the world at large, to the difficulties and the similarities of young people - Ginger Heller
9:00 PM
  • Global Projects, Grants, & Resources for Edupreneurs - Melda N. Yildiz, Global Scholar, Edupreneur
  • International Clinical Placements - Ann C. Gaudino, Ed.D., Founder and Editor
  • Transforming EFL Teacher Trainers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge Openly Online - Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD, English-as-a-foreign language (EFL) educator and researcher
  • Why Develop a Student-Run Global Affairs Forum? - Isabella Nuñez ‘17, Azaria Segall ‘18, Students
10:00 PM
  • KEYNOTE: Will Piper and Pedrio Aparicio - "Engaging Learning Beyond Borders (in both English and Español)"
11:00 PM
  • Ambientes de Motivación para el aprendizaje - Julio Aviles Romero
  • Building a Community of Problem-Solvers - Kristin Maksymec, Advanced Learning Facilitator
  • Conversión de un docente tradicional a un tutor de educación virtual - Lorena Jiménez
  • Low-Context Delivery, High-Context Classroom: Meeting the Challenges of the Global Classroom - Dr. Betsy Bannier, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics

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