Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Global Education Conference - Day Two!

Tuesday, November 17th, is day two of the sixth annual Global Education Conference. We had a great opening day of sessions and keynotes, and the recordings of any sessions that have taken place are accessible on the conference recordings page.

It's only day one of and might I say, most impressive as always. Lots to learn, much collaboration and connection

The list of Tuesday's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. Unlike our opening day, Day two actually starts at midnight, US-Eastern Time! To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, go to the conference schedule page. Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled15. Session recordings are posted immediately following each session.

We do still need more volunteers to help moderate sessions! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Tuesday, November 17th

  • Tools and Apps for the Global Educator - Anne Mirtschin
  • Implementing the Enhancing Reading through Identity and Cultural Heritage (ENRICH) Project - Isabelle Ere帽eta, Education Specialist 
  • #FitFam: Promoting a Healthier World - Samantha Ayap
  • Once You Global, There Is No Coming Back - Mrs Fabiana Casella
  • “Rebooting the International Fair: A K-12 Student-centered approach to refreshing a tired format” - Henry Wend, Director of Global Studies
  • Developing creative problem solving within a global context - Paul Loranger
  • Natural Wonders – Engaging students through global video conferencing about nature - Athalo Carr茫o – EFL Teacher
  • Partnering with schools in Massachusetts on global STEM projects - Larisa Schelkin
  • Changing the Course: 21st Century Learning Design and Implementation - Jessica Morrow - Language Arts Teacher
  • Dialogue Culture in Education - Olena Merzliakova, doctoral candidate
  • Why online teacher trainers should know about cMOOCs - Vance Stevens, EFL instructor
  • COMMUNITY SCHOOLS - model of resposive school in the fast changining environment - Chris Jones, director
  • Dialogue Culture in Education - Eliane Fitz茅
  • Mapping Out G.I.S. Day Globally and Collaboratively: Enhancing Geospatial Literacy Through Open Access Tools - Raymond Pun
  • La Red Interamericana de Educaci贸n Docente (RIED): Actividades y Herramientas para la Profesi贸n Docente en las Am茅ricas - Valentina Pernett, Consultora en Educaci贸n
  • Teaching and Learning with Adult English Language Learners: Computer Mediation and Cultural Competence - Susan Jacques Pierson Assistant Professor of Education
  • What Level of Culture are Your Students on? - Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D.
  • Educaci贸n Tradicional VS Educaci贸n Online - Mtro. Psaumis Escobedo Delgado
  • Global STEM Classroom®: Going Global with STEM education - Larisa Schelkin, CEO and Founder
  • Students Investigate Culture Through Ethnography and Mobile Devices - Harry G Tuttle, Ed. D.
  • The Universal Language of Music: Composed, Shared and Celebrated Between Classrooms Across the World - Meredith Allen, Instructional Technology Consultant
  • KEYNOTE: Dana Mortenson
  • Education Time Warp in an Age of Exponential Technologies: What should students learn for the 21st century? - Charles Fadel, Chairman
  • Global Learning with Film and Photography - Cleary Vaughan-Lee/Education Director
  • Looking at Cultural Differences in Motivating Students to Seek Information: U.S., Uganda, and India - Dr. Sherry R. Crow, Associate Professor of School Library Science
  • The Global Educator - Julie Lindsay
  • Around the World in 60 Minutes: Connecting students around the globe - Katie Mussachio, English/High School Master Teacher
  • Connecting Classrooms Worldwide for Cultural Understanding - Matthew Hughes, Manager, Global Education Programs
  • Noticing Tools - Watch how they work in a global classroom - Julie Keane, Head of Research;
  • TakingITGlobal: Global Environmental Programs and Projects - Mali Bickley: Collaboration Specialist
  • KEYNOTE: Kayce Jennings
  • Blended Learning Using 3D Interactive Learning Environments - Gord Holden M.Ed - Director of Immersive Technology
  • Global Classroom Collaboration Penpals-Lifelong Lessons - Tami Moehring - Content Provider Liaison
  • Increasing Moroccan ACCESS & STEAM Students' Interest in STEM by Empowering Teachers Through Building PLNs: Moroccan "ACCESS-STEAMMISTS" as an Example - Marouane El Baida, An English Teacher IV
  • You Can Bring UNICEF to the Classroom ... Whenever, for Free! - Daniel Sadowsky, Assistant Director of Education
  • Connecting Classrooms via Global Collaborative Projects - Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed.
  • No internet? No problem: How you can author digital content that educates remote learners via Dev4x, the Moonshot Education Project - Josh Weiss, Learning Designer
  • Preparing Teachers for Instructional Best Practices Within an Evolving Digital Society - Imani Akin, Ed.D.
  • World Beyond Your Classroom (Virtual Field Trips, Hangouts, and Connected Classroom) - Agnieszka Salter Instructional Technology Coach
  • KEYNOTE: Students as Technology Leaders and Collaborators: The Student Technology Conference - Ana Sophia Acosta, Eunice Daudu, Gaby Palines, and Eric A Walters
  • Global Collaborations: World Language and STEM - Tracy Brady, French and Spanish Teacher; Past President Language Educators of Central New York
  • Latin Literature for 21st Century: Ideas and Tools for an Interactive Learning Environment - Maureen Lamb, Latin Teacher
  • Teach Peace: Developing Youth's Knowledge and Skills for a Globalized World - Megan Chabalowski, Program Officer
  • Connect the class to the world using SKYPE - Courtney L. Teague
  • Connecting Students Abroad with Students at Home: Bringing Virtual Exchange into Physical Exchanges - William Stewart, Program Coordinator
  • How to Leverage Global Content in Localized Instructional Design - Richard C Close CEO - Servant
  • Sustaining Global Buddies - Eamonn Jooste, COO of Global Buddy
  • KEYNOTE: Jean Lee
  • Empowering Students through the Open-Access Teaching Method Students Empowered (STEMP) - Carlos S. Huerta Jimenez - USMEXFUSION Executive Director
  • From students’ perspectives: Engaging teenagers in learning via social media while gaining global viewpoints and more - Grace Y. Ling

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