Thursday, May 29, 2014

Upcoming Free Events and Online Conferences is the umbrella project for the events from the Classroom 2.0,, Library 2.0,, Global Education Conference, Reinventing the Classroom, Future of Museums, Gaming in Education, Homeschool Conference, STEMxCon, and Admin 2.0 networks. With over 200 partner organizations now, the project provides listings of free events in the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds.

We have some GREAT and free educational events coming in the next six months. Hopefully something here will fill a need for you or provide you with an opportunity to contribute (maybe even present!).

1. Newsletter Changes
2. RSCON5 / The Reform Symposium / July 11 - 13
3. ISTE “Unplugged” / June 27 - July 1
4. Future of Museums / July 24
5. Alt Ed Film Fest / August
6. Homeschool+ Conference / August 7 - 8
7. Gaming in Ed / September 15 - 19
8. Library 2.014 / October 8 - 9
9. Global Ed Con / November 17 - 21
10. We Need Your Help!

1. keeps growing, as we keep adding partners and calendar events. Because our weekly event newsletter goes out to the 130,000 members of our different networks, some number of you have been receiving multiple copies of our emails each week.  Starting next week you should just receive one copy, and you'll be able to manage your email preferences using the links at the bottom of this and future emails.

2. The 2014 Reform Symposium online conference (RSCON5) takes place July 11 - 14. This conference is organized by a terrific team led by Shelly Sanchez Terrell, and always has great keynote speakers and lots of engagement. Don't miss it!

3. is our eighth annual set of free audience-driven activites at the annual ISTE conference, which is in Atlanta starting June 27th. If you are going to ISTE, or you live within traveling distance of Atlanta, you will want to join us! The festivities, which start Friday with the all-day unconference (formerly EduBloggerCon, now called Hack Education, and with special co-chair Audrey Watters this year), include our now-regular evening party, a half-day Global Education Summit on Saturday and the Bloggers’ Cafe throughout the conference--all thanks to sponsorship from Classflow. More at

4. We’ve just announced a brand-new virtual conference: The Future of Museums. In conjunction with New Media Consortium (NMC), and co-chaired by Alex Freeman from NMC and Elizabeth Merritt from the Center Center for the Future of Museums at the American Alliance of Museums, this event has opened its call for proposals and we’re lining up some great keynote speakers.

5. We’re going to hold a “virtual film festival” all of August, with several filmmakers from the alternative (non-traditional) education world making their films available to watch online during the month, and then participating in live/recorded directors interviews. More details to come on the Alt Ed Film Fest next month.

6. Our second annual Homeschool+ Conference will be held online August 7 - 8, with keynote speakers the three nights before. This was a great event last year, bringing together participants in homeschooling, unschooling, free schools, democratic schools, and other forms of alternative and independent education. We’re watching a growing trend in the secular homeschooling world, not just in participation, but in a healthy sharing of ideas back and forth with traditional education, especially on student-directed learning. The call for proposals will be announced next week.

7. Our inaugural Gaming in Education ( conference is gathering MAJOR steam and generating lots of excitement. With keynote speakers during the evenings of September 15th - 17th, and a full-day of sessions on the 18th, we expect this to be a groundbreaking event. Conference co-chair is Allisyn Levy of BrainPOP, and she’s helped to build a stunning list of keynote speakers for the event. The call for proposals is now open!

8. Library 2.014, October 8 - 9, will be our fourth annual Future of Libraries event. With almost 20,000 members in the conference network, this promises to be another super year. Our founding conference partner is San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science, and this year Rutgers University and our good friend Joyce Valenza will also be sponsoring and helping to bring an added boost of energy around the K12 / Teacher Librarian crowd.

9. Our fifth annual Global Education Conference is November 17 - 21, and if you’ve never attended or seen anything about this event, it’s quite amazing--and we’ll be having quite a birthday party this year. Five days, 24 hours/day, and hundreds of presentations. It’s absolutely unique, and a great way to connect with educators and organizations focused on global.

10. Finally, We Need Your Help! Our events depend so much on each of you. These are "crowd-sourced" conferences that provide an opportunity to present to and learn from your peers, so we're constantly encouraging first-time presenters and volunteers (we know from many of you that these have been career-changing opportunities, and that's a big part of our motivation).

To keep these events free, we depend on sponsorship by generous organizations that have seen our vision and support what we do. SO, we need your help in finding more organizations who can help support our existing events and create new ones. Do you know an organization or company you think might help? Send them my way, or send me contact information.

Thanks for your time. See you online!


Steve Hargadon

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