Friday, June 14, 2013

ISTEunplugged Update - Nexus 7 Giveaways, Hashtag, and Making a Business Pitch at the ISTE Edtech PitchFest

Just a quick reminder about the fun "fringe festival" events we run at the annual ISTE conference, which is in San Antonio, TX, this year. We start with the free all-day unconference "Hack Education" on Saturday, June 22nd. All information at

Some quick updates:
  • Our Saturday night party is being sponsored by StudyBlue and Follett. Both sponsors have been terrific about supporting our low-pitch model for sponsors, so please pay them back by seeing if what they do is of interest to you. There is no RSVP for the party, but come early!
  • StudyBlue is giving away two Nexus 7 tablets (to celebrate the release of their new Android app), one at the Saturday night party, and one to those who participate in an "Online Learning in the Classroom" survey which is at If you participate in the online survey, you are also registered to win one of 20 $25 Amazon gift cards. Entries must be completed by Thursday, June 20th. Do it now, it's fast (I own a Nexus 7 and absolutely LOVE it).
  • Follett is unveiling a new educator community: "The Follett Community is a place for PreK-12 educators to grow, collaborate, share, learn, and communicate. Evolve with the changing world of education in this one of a kind education focused, online community. Follett Community will offer professional development and support, plus integration with Follett products and services. Sign up for a First Look at the Follett Community today and help make this the professional learning community you've been asking for."
  • The hashtag for ISTEunplugged: #isteunplugged
  • The hashtag for Hack Education Saturday unconference: #hacked13
  • Many of you will remember the totally fun "pitchfest" that we did with Khalid Smith and Startup Weekend EDU last year at ISTE. This year edmix is hosting an ISTE EdTech PitchFest in collaboration with EdSurge, and they've asked me to be a judge. Now, knowing how strongly I feel about educational startups 1) really getting to know how to help students and educators, and 2) not falling into the data-testing-behaviorist mindset, I'm telling them I would love to participate! Come join the fun--more information and the schedule at There is also still time to submit an idea and get into the running if you can get your application in by Monday, June 17th, at 5pm (they don't say what time zone, so maybe play it safe and assume 5pm Eastern).

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