Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Join the Live Community Conversations to Close Connected Educator Month

August is coming to a close this week, and although there are a number of elements of CEM that will continue after the month is over, there will be a series of special wrap-up and next-step sessions in the next few days to close the formal festivities for now.

We've invited some guests to help facilitate the conversations, and
while there are expert panels on some relevant issues we haven’t covered yet in the month, these final sessions are not about sitting and listening to experts. They’re about YOU. 

We really hope that you will join us to share what you've learned, to talk about any important conclusions you've come to, and to look forward together. A number of the sessions do require that you register up in advance, so please do so for the ones you plan on attending.

Wednesday, August 29, 1–2:30 PM ET 

Connected Education and Badges
In today’s environment, there can be too little recognition of the effort you’re making to become a connected educator and help others. Into this void largely informal forms of recognition have evolved, especially badges. We kickoff the CEM wrap-up with a special panel that will discuss badges in general, but more particularly potential criteria for and implementation of a new series of cross-community, cross-organizational, series of badges specifically for connected educators and connected communities, designed to complement, supplement, include, promote, and draw on existing badge systems. During the session, we also plan to unveil a new catalog of badges from a range of issuers related to being a connected educator. 

  • Moderator: Darren Cambridge
  • Panelists: Richard Culatta, Lisa Dawley, Tom de Boor, Dan Hickey, Erin Knight
  • Location (no registration required):  http://bit.ly/connecteded_badges

Wednesday, August 29, 3–4:30 PM ET 

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Beyond badges lies the broader question and CEM theme of how we should be incenting and recognizing educators for what we (or they, if you're an administrator) do to invest in developing our practice and our craft.  Drawing on discussions in the 
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due forum, as well as on other relevant CEM events, activities, and resources, with the help of thought leaders in the field like Al ByersClaudia LamoreauxPam MoranLisa Schmucki, and more, we will collectively generate takeaways and action items on the subject for the Department of Education and the field.

Wednesday, August 29, 7–8:30 PM ET 

Connected Education: Students Speak!
For most, if not all educators, the ultimate incentive to develop our practices is student learning and achievement: we’re willing to do anything for our students if it helps them learn. A special panel of students will share what connected learning has meant to them and, especially, what it’s meant to have a connected educator (or two) in their lives.  They’ll also share their own tips for educators and ideas for a more connected educational world.

Thursday, August 30, 10–11:30 AM ET 
It’s Personal: Personalized Learning for Students and Educators
There’s a revolution afoot in education, and at its core are two interrelated concepts—connected education and personalized learning. Personalized learning has been the focus of one of our kick off panels, a month-long forum, and a number of CEM events and activities created by participating organizations. Drawing on discussions in the 
It’s Personal forum, as well as on other relevant CEM events, activities, and resources, with the help of thought leaders in the field like Barbara BraySteve NordmarkNicole Pinkard, and James Rickabaugh, we will collectively generate takeaways and action items on this key subject for the coming school year and beyond.

Thursday, August 30, 12–1:30 PM ET 
Beyond Top Down: Distributed Leadership and Teacher-Led Change
Connected education provides unique opportunities for educators to take the lead in the redefining of the profession that’s going on, to insure it meets our needs and the needs of our students.  Distributed leadership and teacher-led change was the subject of another CEM kick-off panel and a month-long forum; it’s also been implicitly in the DNA of the entire Connected Educator Month endeavor, including these final sessions.  So it’s especially important that we hear from you as we strategize together (with thought leaders like 
Shelly Blake-Plock, Lisa Dabbs, 
Gwyneth Jones, David Loertscher, and Shelly Terrell) about the best ways we can all use online communities and networks to insure the voice of practice is heard at the highest levels and drives the direction of education. 

Thursday, August 30, 2–3:30 PM ET 
Knocking On the Door: Connected Education and New Technologies
What tools do we have available to us today to begin the re-imagination of education, and what’s on the horizon for us?  New technologies and innovations were the subject of one of our kick-off panels and a month long forum; the CEM calendar has also been chock-full of events and activities showcasing new platforms, offerings, elements, and techniques.  Drawing on all the above, and with the help of thought leaders like 
Charles Fadel, Bobbi Kurshan, 
Greg Limperis, Sylvia Martinez, Jeff Piontek, Robin Raskin, and Audrey Watters, we’ll collectively weave a vision for the connected future as we want to see it unfold, the new technologies and innovations we most want to see developed, as well as those we simply want to see made more available and used in our classrooms and beyond.

Thursday, August 30, 4–5:30 PM ET 
Systems Conveners in Education
Getting better at doing things across different geographies, departments or other silos is an increasing challenge for many of us. It calls for a new kind of leadership, which we are calling systems convening. Who are these systems conveners and what are the challenges they face? Join us for a special panel discussion to look at some early work on systems convening and to hear from people who have taken up this role.

  • Moderators: Darren CambridgeJulie Duffield
  • Panelists: Etienne Wenger-TraynerBeverly Wenger-TraynerPatrice LinehanNancy MovallLeisa GallagherSylvia Currie
  • Location: Register for this session here today

Friday, August 31, 11–12:30 PM ET
Professional Learning and The Learning Profession: 21st Century PD
So the revolution is underway, but so is the school year, or it’s about to be.  What we can and should be doing to develop ourselves as 21
st century educators was the focus of another CEM kick-off panel and month-long forum, and many, if not all, CEM events and activities created by participating groups were focused on professional development in one form or another.  We’ll use all of the above, and the help of thought leaders likeJackie GersteinWill RichardsonKathy Schrock (and more) to communally generate a PD road map for ourselves, as well as action items to share with the department and the field.

Friday, August 31, 1–2:30 PM ET 
The First Six Weeks: Getting 2012-13 Off To The Right Start
Even more immediately upon us are the critical first six weeks of the school year, which so often set the tone for what we can achieve throughout.  For this reason, the first six weeks were a final CEM kick-off and forum focus, and an implicit target of many CEM events and activities.  Of all the main CEM themes, this is the one we most fully control ourselves today, and as result this open discussion, drawing on the 
First Six Weeksforum and other relevant CEM events/activities (as well as the expertise of Suzie Boss,Lyn HiltDavid Rosas, and others) will be about generating takeaways and action items not for the Department or ‘the field,’ but for ourselves, to begin to put in place today.

Friday, August 31, 3–4:30 PM ET 
Connected Educator Month: What We’ve Learned
Beyond the explicit themes of CEM, there have been a huge range of events and activities during the month.  And even within the areas most explicitly covered, there has probably been more learned than we can all assimilate right away.  In this final CEM session of the month, and with the help of a number of special guests, including 
Barnett BarryMilton ChenGavin DykesStephanie Sandifer, and others, we consider the entire expanse of CEM activities and seek to distill them down to a handful of the top takeaways we can and should all carry with us into the school year and beyond, as well as the top policy implications of the month.

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