Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 100-Country "Love from the World" Project Needs You(th)!

Sun Ho, founder of the Singapore-based Little Lives educational network for children, is engaged in her own personal global project to sew together fabric artwork created by children in 100 countries--with each contribution showing the flag of their country. Sun is currently at 25 countries, and I KNOW WE CAN HELP HER DO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT (Classroom 2.0 alone has members from 180+ countries)! We do need to hurry just a bit, as her deadline is the end of March...

See the awesome "patchwork gallery" of youth with their contributions on the "Love from the World" page at (totally heart-warming), as well as instructions to communicate with Sun and to have youth participate.

Appropriate disclosure:  I think this is a great idea; it wasn't my idea; but I do act as a consultant for Little Lives on their networking project. :)


  1. great!

    will send Pakistan's.


  2. Hello,
    I'm from Azerbaijan, I liked your project. We are going to join.


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