Saturday, March 10, 2012

SocialEdCon and CUEunplugged Next Week in Palm Springs!

Next week is the CUE conference in Palm Springs, and we have some great fun happening this year on the "community-organized" side of the annual activities in Palm Springs.

SocialEdCon--which in previous years we've called EduBloggerCon--is an all-day unconference that we're holding Thursday, March 15th (if you've come in years past you'll want to make note that this is not the day before CUE, but the first day of the conference this year--wahoo!).  We'll gather at 9:00am in Oasis Room 4 before the regular conference sessions start, we'll map out a schedule for the day of great "conversations," and then you can come and go to regular sessions or our SocialEdCon conversations the rest of the day. It's a TON of fun and we hope you'll join us! More information (and on the day, the schedule of conversation) at

We also have two other activities that those attending CUE may be interested in.

All day Friday we have the UNPLUGGED presentation sessions--anyone who's ever wanted to present at CUE can sign up to present in our special area, even if you didn't get on the formal program this year! The presentation time slots are 12 minutes each, and it's a great way to get your message out or give your first presentation ever. We have a special area in Oasis Room 4 with whiteboard, microphone, and seating, and we'll also be streaming all the sessions live through Blackboard Collaborate to anyone not at the conference that wants to watch. Sign-up and schedule information also at

And for all three days of the conference, we have our Bloggers Cafe area to gather and chat with other social media fans at any time. Thanks so much to the awesome CUE conference organizers!

If you're headed to CUE, can't wait to see you there!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous opportunity! I'll look forward to dropping by and also to meeting you personally.
    Lynell Burmark


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