Friday, December 18, 2009

Life Just Got Complicated - Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

OK, my life has just been thrown out of balance.  So long as the Google Chrome browser didn't have a simple ability to pick up RSS feeds (c'mon, that was pretty lame) and didn't have access to my many life-saving Firefox extensions, it was pretty easy to just use the resource-hungry Chrome as a secondary browser--one I could open when I didn't want to mess with my saved tabs in Firefox.

Tonight I discovered the Chrome extensions, which require that you are running the beta version of Chrome.  And being the Google junkie that I am, the tight extension integration with Wave, Reader, Blogger, Calendar, and Tasks are rocking my world.  Add in diigo, Picnik, Twitter, Facebook, and about a dozen other REALLY good looking extensions, and I'm in trouble.  In a weird kind of way (and I know this stage will pass and be replaced by actual productivity) I'm almost upset that Google's finally done such a good job here on the extension platform.  This will seriously complicated my browser life.  Honestly, now I'll have to keep track of which browser does a better job with which extensions, and I'm pretty sure that particular confusion is not productive.  The simpler times when I could ignore Chrome and stick with my beloved Firefox seem to be fading before my very eyes.

Maybe there's a really big flaw here that I haven't discovered that will yet buy me some more time...