Friday, December 18, 2009

Crowdsourcing Appreciation in Ed Tech - Give Yours

I know that the screen capture to the left from the 2009 Edublog Awards show last night looks like a bad case of white-board graffiti, but it's actually a touching reminder of how much we impact each other.

After the award for "Lifetime Achivement" was given (I'll skip the controversy on the title of the award, but just note that its recipient, Karl Fisch, was appropriately gracious and humble), we asked those attending live in Elluminate to give a "shout out" to someone who had made a difference for them this past year.  One of the downsides of an awards ceremony, and especially one in which there is an imperfect public nomination and voting process, is that it doesn't really do justice to the larger sense of community and support that exists in our ed tech / social media / Classroom 2.0 / blogger world.  We wanted the awards show to have a way to recognize the broader contributions that are made every day.

If you ignore the reference to Tiger Woods (there's always one joker!), it's really fun to look at the names of people in this image and to realize that this list would be enormous if we thanked everyone who's made a difference for us.  I'm pasting in chat log from this point in the show that also provided for additional recognition, and if you'd like to recognize someone yourself, please give a shout-out in the comments here.

This was an inspiring moment for me.  I hope you can get a sense of that.  The Elluminate recording is now available, as well as an audio version and the chat log.

Chat Appreciations:  Ruth Elliott: Alec Couros / Brent: Tony Vincent / Joyce Svitak: Adora Svitak / Chris Moore: People we appreciate: Dan Maas and everyone else who ever said yes to us! / commlearn: howard Rheingold / Chris Moore: Our super intendent / commlearn: Alec Couros / joycevalenza: steve! / Chris Moore: LPS Board of Education / joycevalenza: buffy / judiehaynes: Larry / Chris Moore: Karl / Chris Moore: William Chamberlain / dawn: Sue, Durff, Kathy Cassidy, Alec, Joyce / kyteacher: Russel Tarr / emapey: fceblog / matt montagne: Doug Symington, Jeff Lebow / angela maiers: WOW- there are just soooo many who influence my learning an life everyday / commlearn: Michael Stephens / matt montagne: Lorna Costantini for her work with Parent Engagement / joycevalenza: cathy, carolyn, buffy, sue! / Matt montagne: Peggy George / commlearn: / Elana Leoni: Alice Mercer, Larry Ferlazzo, Steve Andersen, Will Richardson, Russel many! / joycevalenza: peggy! / tom whitby: CYBRARY MAN / emapey: Lisa Lane / commlearn: vicki davis / jume18: all of you guys....! / emapey: Patricia Hensley / Elana Leoni: Vicki Davis is a great one! / Karl Fisch: People I appreciate: too many folks to list, but everyone that puts themselves out there and contributed to all of our learning./ MB: EVERYBODY / Chris Moore: Russ Goerend / emapey: David Truss / emapey: Sabrina DE Vita / emapey: Luz Pearson / commlearn: Sylvia Martinez / emapey: Gabriela Grosseck / emapey: Britt Watwood

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