Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Multitasking (or not) at M.I.T.

More fascinating video from the FRONTLINE Digital Nation project. When listening to "Lauren" I couldn't help but think about the Stanford work showing that those who think they are the best multitaskers are actually worse than most.

There is SO much good content up at the Digital Nation site.


  1. An important skill for learning is the management of self. This requires self-monitoring and self-control. It is sad to hear young people say they cannot sit still and/or concentrate on a single thing at a time. Not only are they deluding themselves (ignoring current neuroscience) but they are selling themselves short.

  2. @David: let's hope we figure this out relatively soon--that in this new environment we need to be teaching these skills. Part of the difficulty is that much of this is new to everyone--including the educators.


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