Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meetups: Honolulu and Palm Springs Coming Up

Could you ask for two nicer places to have "meetups" than Honolulu and Palm Springs? 

Friday and Saturday, February 20 and 21, is our Classroom 2.0 Live Workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the St Louis/Chaminade campus.  Our free and fun two-day workshops are an opportunity to gather with other educators and learn about Web 2.0 and classroom practices.  In particular, we hold them to help educators just learning about the "participative" Web to do so in a friendly and hands-on environment.  They are also a great gathering place for the community of educators looking at Web 2.0.  More information on this event at

Wednesday, March 4th, is our second annual EduBloggerCon West (and Classroom 2.0 meetup), held in conjuntion with and the day before the CUE show in the Palm Springs Convention Center in beautiful Palm Springs (which usually still has snow on the mountain peaks at this time of year!).  This year we're going from 12 noon - 6pm, but we reserve the right to linger into the evening hours!  If you haven't attended an EduBloggerCon, get ready for some fun.  Part social, part drill-down, and all engaging, it's also a great way to spend time with like-minded educators and learn and trade best practices around education and the Web.  Best of all--it's free.  More information on EduBloggerCon West at and on the event wiki at

For those interested in the organizational side of EduBloggerCon, we're going to have a working brainstorm for planning the event (and the 2009 EduBloggerCon in Washington DC before NECC) on Tuesday evening, February 17th, at 5pm in the Classroom 2.0 Elluminate room:

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