Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Here! It's Here! NECC's Community Network Is Live.

The NECC community network is now live at www.NECC2008 .org.

Built on Ning (of course!) by yours truly, I stayed up late one night after the kids were in bed to figure out how to match the exact colors in the Ning network to the actual NECC 2008 official site. (Hint: I used GIMP--also of course--to identify the exact color values of an imported version of the conference logo, then played with the NIng appearance settings. See how to modify a Ning header here.)

On the network site, you can:I uploaded my NECC photos from the past two years, mostly from the Open Source Pavilion and last year's first EduBloggerCon, just by making a link to Flickr and uploading those sets. 5 minutes tops. For some reason I can't find photos of 2005 in Philadelphia, the first year I was part of the Open Source Pavilion (maybe I didn't take them in between the back-breaking work of bringing in and out 30+ full-sized Dell PCs and monitors!). Speaking of "sweating for the Open Source cause," if you want to help volunteer at this year's Open Source Pavilion, email me directly at steve@hargadon.com.

For other Ning conference sites you might check out CUE's Community at http://community.cue.org or Jeff Utecht's Learning 2.008 Shanghai Conference site.

ALSO: Don't forget to check out the EduBloggerCon 08 & Classroom 2.0 Meetup, being held on Saturday, June 28, hosted by NECC.

And still to come: more details on NECC "Unplugged," the three-day unconference being held in the lounge areas--a conference within a conference.

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  1. Okay -- I normally wouldn't leave a comment as lame as this one... but all I can say about this network site is AWESOME! Just AWESOME!



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