Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogosphere Tagging for School 2.0, and MyBlogLog Widgets

I've added a page to the School 2.0 wiki ("Buzz") that shows recent blog posts with the terms or tags "school20" or "school2.0" or "school 2.0" in them. The output comes from a Technorati seach which you can also access here. Please let me know if you think any other tags are needed.

I've also added a MyBlogLog widget to the School 2.0 Community page (which already has a link to a Google group, but which has really not started seeing any use yet), and at SupportBlogging as well as here on my blog. If you are a MyBlogLog user and would like to test the page for me, please send me some feedback so that I know it is working!

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