Thursday, June 29, 2006

NECC and SupportBlogging! Buttons :)

Yes, Will, there are 1000 buttons that will be available at the Open Source lab at NECC in the Sails Pavilion. We'll have them at our "Blogs & Wikis" booth. And yes, they did cost $335 to have made, so we'd love to get some help from anyone willing to donate.

Please do go to the SupportBlogging! website and add your own links if you have material on educational blogging. There should be a short piece in this month’s School Library Journal, so we expect some traffic and don't want anyone to feel left out!

Will also created an NECC EdBlogger Meetup wiki page for a Thursday night event where you can add your name to indicate you will attend. Hope to see some of you at NECC!

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