Monday, October 23, 2023

Ask Dr. Steve: "Getting Staff Buy-in for Emergency Training"

We've just posted a new "Ask Dr. Steve" blog post by Dr. Albrecht in our "Library Service, Safety, & Security" section of Library 2.0"Getting Staff Buy-in for Emergency Training," prompted by the following question from an attendee of Dr Albrecht's training:
We do bi-monthly trainings via Power Point for safety topics (Medical Emergencies, Tornado/Severe Weather, Code Adam, Active Threat, Personal Safety/Building Evacuation, and Bomb Threats). 
We had some employees complain about having to "do the same stupid training each year." I update any changes each time I send out the power point. I understand that in an emergency, the only way you are going to have any idea what to do is to go over the options repeatedly. Is there any way to get more buy-in, or do I just figure that some people just like to complain?
You can read Dr. Albrecht's answer here

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