Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Learning Revolution Shows Today & Tomorrow: "The Microschool Show," "Educators Unmuted," "Power of Paraprofessionals," "Learning as Hero's Journey" #learningrevolution

We have three live Learning Revolution shows this week ("Teaching by Heart" and "Thrive in EDU" are on hiatus this week) plus one pre-recorded show. Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time--to see the schedule in your own time zone, and to get the links to attend live in Zoom, please use the SCHEDULE page on the Learning Revolution site.

  • PRE-RECORDED - The Microschool Show #4 with Mara Linaberger. "In Episode 4 of the Microschools SHOW, I talk with Margo LaPorte, co-founder of Seaview Learning in Massachusetts. Seaview is Margo's second microschool environment - this one a result of requests from homeschooling families as a result of the pandemic. The mission of Seaview Learning is to create a haven where wellness fuels academic success, where a love of learning is nurtured, and where childhood is preserved.  You can learn more about Seaview at" Register (free) at and you'll find the show in the schedule.

WEDNESDAY'S SHOWS (October 28th):
  • 10:00 AM - The Connected Classroom - Educators Unmuted. "Join us for a lively discussion about the things that are most important to you right now as we continue to work our way through 19 and re-define education going forward. If you are a concerned educator, parent, or student, please join in as the mics are always open in the Connected Classroom and we want to hear from you."

  • 7:15 PM - ECEL - Episode 14: The Power of Paraprofessionals. "There has been a big question about how to utilize paraprofessionals during remote/hybrid learning. These individuals sometimes referred to as educational assistants or aides in the classroom are essential to the special education population. But how are they being used? Are they being respected or thrown to the side? It seems every district and even every school handles this situation differently. Join us to try to help us solve some of these pervasive issues that existed even before COVID but now are especially apparent. '"

THURSDAY'S SHOW (October 29th):
  • 4:00 PM - REINVENTING.SCHOOL with host Howard Blumenthal - EPISODE 27: Learning as a Hero's Journey. "One of the best ways to understand the life of a student is to study the mythology of the Hero's Journey. Over a dozen years, every student leaves the ordinary world of his or her young childhood and responds to a call for adventure. Many students don't want to go. They want the security and comfort of the familiar, so they refuse the call. Then, they meet a mentor, a teacher, a kind soul who guides them toward a threshold. But there are tests along the way, allies, enemies, and eventually, a series of difficult ordeals. The young student becomes the smarter older soul; he or she overcomes the midpoint in the journey and carries the reward along a road back home, much improved by the process. But there are further obstacles, deeper dangers, reasons for doubt, and the very real possibility that the elixir, the magic of personal growth, will be lost. This is the hero's journey, the basis for so many stories, books, movies, videogames, legends. Fortunately, author Christopher Vogler studied the journey and has written about it in great detail. His work, written for writers who use it as a tool to build their own stories (many books, many screenplays), is called The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. Earlier this year, the book was published in a 25th-anniversary edition, and we're here to celebrate. We're also here to discuss the use of this important, and popular book, for learning and in school. To help us do that, we'll be joined by Will Linn, Founder of the Mythology Channel and Founding Chair of the General Education Department at Hussian College--a new film and performing arts school; Julia Torres, Teacher Librarian, Montbello Campus Library, Denver Public Schools; and Julie M. Wilson, Founder & Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Learning."
See you "online!"


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