Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Learning Revolution Shows Today and Tomorrow: "Connected Classroom," "Exceptional Learners," 2 x "Thrive in EDU," and "REINVENTING.SCHOOL" #learningrevolution

We have five Learning Revolution shows this week ("Teaching by Heart" is on hiatus, "Thrive in EDU is doing two back-to-back!). Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time--to see the schedule in your own time zone, and to get the links to attend live in Zoom, please use the SCHEDULE page on the Learning Revolution site.

  • 10:00 AM - The Connected Classroom with Rusty May - "Teachers Unmuted - Preparing For What’s Next" with Tammie Greweld & Sheryl McAlearney – Master Teachers and SEL Educators." Our families and our children need teachers now more than ever and we need to hear from them and address their concerns to move forward safely and smartly. Join us for a fun and lively discussion about what teachers are thinking as the new year approaches and about creating a climate of community, trust, and support for the students in their care, in-person and/or online. If you are a concerned educator, parent, or student, please join in as the mics are always open in the Connected Classroom and we want to hear from you..

  • 2:00 PM - Exceptional Circumstances for Exceptional Learners - ECEL Episode 6: “I Want to Make a Difference… but Where Do I Begin?: Advocacy in the home, school, community, state, and country.” Host Rebecca Muller, Special Educator and Advocate. This week of legislative advocacy with CEC has me revved up for more grass-roots advocacy in the home, school, community, state, and country. Let's get together and discuss how we all CAN make a difference! If you have a story to share, bring it! If you have questions of feeling lost on where to begin, ask them! Collectively we can empower one another to do what is right for ourselves and our students who we serve.

  • 3:00 PM - Thrive in EDU with Rachelle Dene Poth - "Focus on the Focus" with Dave Schmittou. This week I have two episodes!  In this first episode, I will be talking with Dave Schmittou. Entering his twenty-first year in education, Dave has earned a reputation for being a disruptor of the status quo, an innovator, and a change agent. Having served as a classroom teacher, school-based administrator, and central office director, he often uses real-life stories and examples of his own life and career to describe why and how we need to confront “the way we have always done it.” He has written multiple books, including “It’s Like Riding a Bike: How to make learning last a lifetime”, “Bold Humility” and his most recent book “Making Assessment Work for Educators Who Hate Data but Love Kids”. He speaks, consults, and partners with districts around the country and loves to keep learning and growing. We will discuss how to "focus on the focus.:  What is essential and how do we decide? Join us, bring your questions, concerns and experiences!   Let's talk about education and how to thrive!

  • 4:00 PM - Thrive in EDU with Rachelle Dene Poth - Back to School Innovation Tips with  Dr. Justin Aglioin. In this second episode on Wednesday, July 29th, I will be talking with Dr. Justin Aglio, a former teacher, and award-winning principal, and the Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour School District. Dr. Aglio has a passion for doing what is best for student success and has dedicated his career to empower educators and students with skills and resources they need to thrive in the 21st century. In addition to his duties at Montour, he serves as a Visiting LearnLab Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science, a Getting Smart Columnists, and an Adjunct STEM Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. He is a Future Ready Schools Thought Leader and was selected as a participant in the Presidential Maker Roundtable discussion at the White House. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with companies including LEGO Education, to further project-based and real-world learning for students. Dr. Aglio, and his thoughts on STEM, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation have been featured in such publications as THE Journal, ISTE, Forbes, EdSurge, Education Week, Getting Smart, eSchoolNews, The School Superintendents Association, and more. Dr. Aglio has been a keynote speaker and presented at a variety of conferences across the country including Schools That Can National Forum, ASCD, ISTE, Tech & Learning Summit, Mid-Atlantic Mass Customization Summit, and International Literacy Association Conference. Connect with him on Twitter @JustinAglio. We will discuss back-to-school innovative tips.  We might talk about artificial intelligence, esports, PBL, STEM and more!   Join us, bring your questions, concerns and experiences!   Let's talk about education and how to thrive!
  • 4:00 PM - REINVENTING.SCHOOL Episode 13 - "Friendship" with host Howard Blumenthal. This week, REINVENTING SCHOOL looks at the connection between friendship, learning, school, and education. In the U.S., and in many other countries, questions about opening schools during the pandemic include concerns about social interaction between students. In short, how is it possible to make new friends if you're not interacting with new people? We'll learn more about the study of friendship from four professional guests: Lydia Denworth, Contributing Editor of Scientific American and author of the book, Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond. Dr. Caroline Fenkel, Executive Director at Newport Health, which provides teens with the guidance, support, and education to build strong relationships, learn and practice healthy coping skills, grow their personal self-worth, and reestablish trust and communication with themselves and their loved ones. Dr. Lyle Ungar, a multi-disciplinary scholar, and researcher whose technology interests include friendship. Dr. Caroline Connolly has enjoyed a lengthy research interest in the study of friendship, first with Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, now at The University of Pennsylvania's Psychology Department.
See you "online!"


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