Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Learning Revolution Shows This Week: "Teaching by Heart" with Angela Maiers Starts, + May, Miller, Poth, and Blumenthal Shows! #learningrevolution

We have five Learning Revolution shows this week. Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time--to see the schedule in your own time zone, and to get the links to attend live in Zoom, please use the SCHEDULE page on the Learning Revolution site.

  • 4:00 PM - Teaching by Heart with Angela Maiers: Episode 1, Introduction - Your School Story & Why Now. In this first episode, Angela Maiers and Steve Hargadon introduce the idea of teaching by heart and the stories that we each have about school.
  • 10:00 AM - The Connected Classroom with Rusty May - "Preparing for Whatever Comes Next" with host Rusty May, School Counselor & Creator of SchoolToolsTv.com (Portugal). 
    Join Rusty for an interactive conversation about what school will look like in the fall, what you're most concerned about, and how to continue to connect with the kids in your care--come what may. 

  • 2:00 PM - Exceptional Circumstances for Exceptional Learners, Episode 3: Inclusionary Art, Music, and Theatre with Special Guest Abbie Kasoff  with host Rebecca Muller, Special Educator and Advocate, Collingswood High School (USA).
    Inclusionary Art, Music, and Theatre: students of all abilities can and should participate in the arts. We welcome all performing and visual arts teachers; art therapists; music therapists; speech therapists; occupational therapists; special education teachers; administrations; non-profit organizations; consultants; students. Special Guest(s): Abbie Kasoff of Say It With Clay, a private non for profit organization; holds dual degrees in art therapy and ceramics from the University of the Arts. Abbie is the mother of two amazing young adults Lacie & Sidney. Abbie has over 25 years of working in the human service arena holding varied positions in both direct service and administration. Abbie has used her extensive network of relationships with the special-needs community, school districts, human services organizations, and healthcare providers to grow SIWC's clientele, focusing on economically and developmentally disadvantaged individuals. SIWC prides itself on working with anyone ages 3 and up with physical, medically, mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges. Throughout Abbie's many years of experience, she has witnessed countless occasions where the clay has assisted so many amazing people with unexpected powerful positive outcomes. Abbie is extremely passionate about the work she does and is absolutely motivated by outcomes she believes are achieved through the power of hands-on clay. Abbie’s love affair with clay started approximately 30 years ago in a high school art class, however, it was Abbie’s degree in Art –Therapy that has afforded her the opportunity to build an extensive career in the social services arena; specifically specializing in working with adolescents, and promoting healthy parent-child relationship building, as well as development. In addition to SIWC Abbie is a Clay Artist; a Public Speaker; a Trainer, a Consultant, and a Mentor to other professionals considering following their passions by starting a non for profit. Abbie's future holds to continue all of the fore-mentioned professional endeavors as well as spend time as much time with her children, family & friends as well as actively work harder on her personal goals as an artist. 

  • 4:00 PM - Thrive in EDU - Digital citizenship, Digital leadership, SEL and Global Collaborations with Special Guest Jennifer Casa-Todd and with host Rachelle Dene Poth (USA). This week Rachelle will be talking with Jennifer Casa-Todd, author of Social LEADia. They will talk about digital citizenship, digital leadership, SEL and global collaborations. Join for an important conversation and the opportunity to ask questions about these topics!
  • 4:00 PM - REINVENTING.SCHOOL Episode #10 - "Play" with host Howard Blumenthal (USA) 
    Join Howard with his usual mix of expert and student voices as he discusses the roles of faith and charity in learning this week.

Our first "Books Change Lives" reading group starts Monday, July 13th: Reading Globally, Thinking Reflectively, Acting Locally. Host Gregory S. starts a global reading group with weekly live Zoom meetings. On the reading list: Smartest Kids in the World, I Am Malala, Finnish Lessons 2.0, and Little Soldiers. Join the group HERE.

See you "online!"


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