Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Learning Revolution Phase 2: Book Clubs, Weekly Shows, Monthly Mini-Conferences, and Continuing Presentations #learningrevolution

Since LearningRevolution.com opened up in early April as a daily, online, worldwide education conference and event hub, we've:
  • Grown to 18,500 members from 168 countries;
  • Had 140 presentation sessions from teachers, librarians, staff, principals, superintendents, students, researchers, and authors;
  • Launched the REINVENTING.SCHOOL weekly interview show with Howard Blumenthal;

  • Hosted "The Virtual Classroom" and "The Pandemic Educator" weekly shows;
  • Held the "Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning" mini-conference;

  • Facilitated the hosting of a self-organized "Learning Commons" mini-conference; 
  • Hosted the start of a series of presentations on "Learning Through National Parks."

Everything, of course, has been free and recorded, and it is all available on the LearningRevolution.com site.

And now, here are some fun NEW announcements:
  • Although we opened LearningRevolution.com originally as a project for presentations during April and May when physical conferences were almost universally canceled, we're leaving the platform open indefinitely. We encourage you to submit to present and share your expertise!

  • Starting this week, we've created a structure to host or join online book groups. A book group can be focused on a single book or it can be a place for a group to discuss a series of books. You can combine your book group with the ability to schedule Zoom sessions and host regular online meetups as a part of the group. Go to https://learningrevolution.com/bookschangelives or www.bookschangelives.org.

  • We're actively looking to reschedule our "Education for Hope and Healing" (#youmatter) mini-conference, which we postponed last week out of respect for the current #BlackLivesMatter focus. We'll be doing one mini-conference a month for the next several months. In July, the mini-conference topic will be "The Balanced Educator." In August, the topic will be "Self-Directed Learning." 

  • Starting next week, we'll have four active weekly shows: "The Virtual Classroom" with Rusty May, "Exceptional Circumstances for Exceptional Learners" with Rebecca Muller, "Thrive in EDU" with Rachelle Dene Poth, and "REINVENTING.SCHOOL" with Howard Blumenthal. Check the LearningRevolution.com site to learn more as details are posted.

We encourage everyone to participate in our LearningRevolution.com project--here's to helping each other survive and thrive in chaotic times! You can submit to present here. To see all sessions submitted so far, and to correspond with presenters, click hereRecordings of past sessions are listed on the Recordings page. To host your own education-related mini-conference, read more here. To start a book group, click here. To create your own discussion or special interest education group, click here. The conference hashtag is #learningrevolution.

See you "online!"

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