Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Three ways you can host (or participate in) an online educational conference

If you're interested in hosting an online educational conference or event, or you need to help someone to do so, I've got three options for you.

First, I'm offering my webinar, "Conference 2.0: Organizing and Hosting Online Educational Events," this Thursday. It's a paid webinar and I'll be covering all that I've learned from 10+ years of organizing over 100 online educational events. More information at www.conference20.com.

Second, I've announced a daily worldwide education conference for the months of April and May, Learning Revolution. This is a large-scale event which should have a dozen or more free presentations every day. The call for proposals will open on March 23rd. You can register or sign up now.

AND, finally, as a part of the Learning Revolution conference, you or your organization can organizing a topic-specific mini-conference within the larger conference. More information here: https://learningrevolution.com/organize.

Best to everyone, and see you "online,"


Steve Hargadon

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