Friday, January 31, 2020

Wholehearted Libraries, the Game of School, Global Ed, Rescuing Self, Namaste Parenting, and Hack Education

Dear Friends:

2020 has started and there is a lot of fun learning ahead!

Here’s the current roundup of the upcoming Learning Revolution events. Click on the images or registration links to learn more.

Hopefully you will find something you'd like to participate in!

See you online,


Steve Hargadon

GAME OF SCHOOL | A 90-minute online workshop.
February 5, 7, + 18 | $149 / family | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Steve Hargadon.

The Secrets of High School Success - Help Your Teen Play and Win the Game of School. For parent, teachers, and students. Change a student's educational success and you will change his or her life forever. Outside of family, the high school experience is the number one influence on a young adult's success or failure in college and then in the work world. This workshop will show you how a teen you care about can succeed in school, guaranteed. In it, I share advice from hundreds of teachers who contributed to help create this material. Even just one of the dozens of ideas from this workshop could make a huge difference for a student.

RESCUING SELF | An 8-week online course.
Starts February 15 | $99 / person | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Paul Peterson and Steve Hargadon.

"The trouble with the rat race," comedian Lily Tomlin said, " is that even if you win, you’re still a rat." Life isn’t a rat race, and you’re not a rat. You can and SHOULD feel good about who you are and what you can accomplish. However, it can be really hard to know how to make things better when you are feeling discouraged, hopeless, or even broken. You really want to feel calm, confident, and in control, but those good feelings seem so far away. You need a rescue. This course is a step-by-step plan to get out of the emotional traps that sneak up on us, that take over our lives, and then convince us that we aren’t really that important and that things aren’t likely to ever get much better. It's a plan you can use for the rest of your life, whenever you experience discouragement, to re-engage your core capability and confidence.

LIBRARY SECURITY 2020 | A 90-minute webinar.
February 20 | $99 / person | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Steve Albrecht.

An extended 90-minute webinar with Q&A, part of a special Library 2.0 series with Dr. Steve Albrecht. As libraries add new programs and services, some things stay the same: the need to keep library employees, patrons, and the buildings safe. Start 2020 with this tool-filled webinar with information and (often entertaining) stories from Steve. This webinar will cover how to best protect staff from harassment, threats, or assaults; how to manage various challenging patron behaviors; and how to both assess and protect your library facilities from crimes or other situations that could shut down operations.

WHOLEHEARTED LIBRARIES | A 3-hour mini-conference
March 10 | Free | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Library 2.0.

This is the first of the popular Library 2.0 mini-conferences of the year, and organized in partnership with iSchool Associate Professor Michael Stephens. He writes: " We should bring our hearts to work, and qualities such as open-mindedness, emotional intelligence, and reflective action are all part of this process. Services steeped in humanism, compassion, and understanding should be the cornerstone of what we do, and why we do it, for all members of our communities, including the underserved. Not only do libraries need high tech, they also need staff who approach their work with a wholehearted attitude." The mini-conference will explore the human side of 21st-Century information work. We will define what soft skills are, how and when to use various soft skills, types of training that can improve soft skills, and how to share emotionally engaging stories. Learn what libraries are doing now to extend services, create welcoming spaces, and engage users with soft skills such as compassion, empathy, creativity, curiosity, and finding balance. Sessions will focus on how we can nurture a positive mindset in our employees, use the power of stories to promote understanding, and extend our reach into our global communities. Soft skills are heart skills.

NAMASTE PARENTING | A 6-week online course.
Starts May 2 | $98 / person | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Paul Peterson and Steve Hargadon.

The word 'Namaste' is a customary Hindu greeting that has been popularized because it conveys something very significant. One translation is 'the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.' Namaste Parenting is when we start with a core belief in the inherent worth and value of ourselves *and* our children, helping us to see and act in ways that accomplish what we really want to. In this class we work on practical ways to apply this core belief.

HACK EDUCATION | The 14th annual unconference
Saturday, June 27 | Free | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Steve Hargadon.

Hack Education is the all-day unconference held the Saturday before ISTE. Now in it's 14th year, it's a great event for beginners and regular attenders alike! Come join us for an amazing community experience filled with interesting conversations in a highly social environment. An Unconference is a great way for people who are interested in the same topic to share, learn, and network in an open environment. Attendees create the schedule, decide what they want to learn, and choose which sessions they want to participate in. Sessions are not presentations but facilitated discussions. You don't need to be an 'expert' - if there's something you want to learn or talk about, come join us!

GLOBAL EDUCATION DAY | A 3-hour in-person event.
Sunday, June 28 | Free (must be registered for ISTE conference) | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon.

Join Lucy Gray, Steve Hargadon and many members of the Global Education Conference community on Sunday, June 28th from 2:00 - 5:00PM at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, for a special annual face-to-face meeting. This participatory event will feature: Inspirational ignite talks by noted educators and organizations working to connect classrooms; Design activities related to bringing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into schools; A global resource cool tools smackdown in which attendees will share the best resources and tools for creating global experiences for students; Resources from participating global education non-profit organizations.

SPONSORSHIP | Online and physical events.
Ongoing | Contact for details | REGISTER HERE
Hosted by: Steve Hargadon.

Would you or your organization like to help sponsor one of my online or physical events for teachers, librarians, and students? This year we have a great set of Library 2.020 events that go to an extensive audience; we're planning Learning Revolution events on online teaching and learning, digital citizenship, and ed tech; and we're excited to produce global ed mini-conferences. Please reach out to me at for more information or to talk. Thank you!

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