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Global Collaboration Week, Libraries and Social Crises, EdTech.World Dates, Goodbye CR20 Live, and Where Is the Ed Tech Revolution?


Global Collaboration Week is Coming! (September 17 - 21, 2018)
Students, teachers, and organizations will get online to celebrate global collaboration during the week of September 17-21, as back-to-school season begins in the northern hemisphere. During this week, experienced global educators and other professionals will design and host connective projects and events and invite public participation. The primary goals of this whole day event are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources, projects, and networks that are available to educators today. This is an opportunity for educators new to globally connected teaching and learning to participate in virtual activities designed by more experienced teachers. It's also a great way for educators running ongoing global projects to find project partners!
Cost + Location: Free, registration required | Online
Link: https://www.globalcollaborationweek.org/

The 2018 Global Education Conference (November 12 - 15, 2018)
We are pleased to announce the eighth annual Global Education Conference, a free online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world. It will be held Monday, November 12 through Wednesday, November 15, 2018 (November 16th in some time zones). The entire virtual conference will be held online using the Blackboard Collaborate platform. The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity.
Cost + Location: Free, registration required | Online
Link: http://www.globaleducationconference.org/page/2018conference

Global Leadership Summit (March 15, 2019)
Our annual Global Leadership Summit is an in-person event, now held in conjunction with the ASCD Conference, and will be in Chicago on Friday, Friday, March 15, 2019. The Summit will provide participants with the unique opportunity to develop the capacity to lead classrooms and education systems that foster in students the will and the skill to tackle problems of real-world significance locally and globally. Participants will discover effective resources, best practices, and new ideas that can help students develop empathy, perspective recognition, intercultural communication and collaboration skills, and critical thinking. Participants will also devise a plan of action to advocate and implement global learning initiatives, and they will network with innovative and inspiring teachers, principals, district leaders, thought leaders, and education organizations from around the country and the world committed to educating students for a diverse, global society.
Cost + Location: There will be a registration fee, but not announced yet. | Chicago, IL, USA
Link: http://empower.ascd.org/program/global-summit.aspx


Social Crisis Management in a 21st Century World (October 17, 2018)
We're excited to announce our third Library 2.018 mini-conference: "Social Crisis Management in a 21st Century World," which will be held online (and for free) on Wednesday, October 17th, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone). This event is being organized in partnership with Patty Wong, Director of Library Services at Santa Monica Public Library.
Cost + Location: Free, registration required | Online
Link: https://www.library20.com/


Change in Conference Dates (January 23 - 25, 2019)
Our first worldwide conference on technology and learning has new dates: January 23 - 25, 2019. Sign up at edtech.world to be kept informed.
Cost + Location: Free, registration required. | Online
Link: http://www.edtech.world


A Sad Goodbye to CR 2.0 LIVE
We send our thanks for the memories to Peggy George and the Classroom 2.0 LIVE team, who made the very difficult decision to discontinue the weekly webinars after NINE AND A HALF years. Wow. They held one final live webinar on August 25th. They have sent their kudos and huge thanks to the team who have worked tirelessly to provide these fantastic learning experiences for everyone! Founding Co-Moderators: Peggy George, Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini. Current Co-Moderators: Peggy George, Lorie Moffat, Tammy Moore, Paula Naugle. Advisory Team: Peggy George, Paula Naugle, Patti Ruffing, Maureen Tumenas, Kim Thomas, Susie Highley, Peg Volak, Wes Fryer, Jessie McKinley, Carolyn Stanley, and their faithful image creator, Melissa Getz. An explanation of their closure is on the left-hand side of the Classroom 2.0 site.


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Where Is the Revolution in Education?
From my Modern Learning Report:

For those who have followed ed tech for some decades now, there can be a feeling of “technology opportunity fatigue”--that is, of watching educators and innovators pin their hopes on successive technology waves, each of which are promised to revolutionize education. And yet, unlike so many other fields of professional endeavor, it feels to many that an actual technology revolution in education has never actually arrived.

The question of when or if a revolution in education will take place, I would argue, is really one of “framing:” that is, how we perceive changes that are taking place and the context within which they are doing so. Quite assuredly, dramatic changes in teaching and learning are taking place, and perhaps the elusive nature of tracking those changes is the result of our not having the right “frames” for talking about them. If we are looking primarily at the lack of dramatic or widespread structural changes to our education system, we might not recognize that very significant changes are currently taking place at largely personal levels. Hopefully, the observations below will help to build frameworks for not only identifying these changes, but also seeing why and where these personal changes could lead to structural changes, why there might be confusion, and how to focus on those elements which are most important in teaching and learning.

For at the core of this conversation, I believe we must remember that education is a particularly human endeavor. As the wise Jim Vanides, now retired from H-P, has said: educational technology works when it magnifies the best aspects of our human connections. My perception is that the survey responses corroborate this perspective, and that the “red herrings” of educational technology are those promises which are made that technology can substitute for or replace the human relationships that are at the core of actual learner growth.

Get the report for free at ModernLearning.com.
Link: http://www.modernlearning.com/

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Steve Hargadon

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