Monday, April 24, 2017

Streaming Live from NY Today - The Global Leadership Summit

Global Education Leadership Week (GLW) is a week-long celebration of leadership through global action in K-20 education, taking place this coming week, April 24 - 28, 2017, and organized by the Global Education Conference (GEC) Network. GLW presents opportunities for educators and organizations to learn from one another and share effective leadership principles, particularly within the context of an interconnected, global age. The ultimate goal of this event is to encourage more school and organizational leaders to make global education a priority within their institutions.

Our flagship event this week is an  face-to-face event with four panel discussions for global education leaders, the Global Leadership Summit, TODAY, Monday, April 14th, from 3:00 - 7:00pm US-EDT in New York at the Institute of International Education.

To access the livestream, go to the the GEC Facebook page:

There panel discussions this year are: ​"The Role and Responsibility of Media in Global Education," ​"Innovation in Global Education," "The Value of Exchange Programs," and "Understanding and Educating for Global Citizenship."

For the panels we have an incredible lineup of panelists: David Bornstein, Jenny M. Buccos, Holly Ornstein Carter, Dana Mortenson, David Rohde, Karen Blumberg, Karen Kirsch, Keith R. Krueger, Kevin Smith, Waidehi Gokhale, Melvin Harmon, Tonya Muro, Nancy Overholt, Lisa Petro, Maureen McLaughlin, Daniel Perell, Ken Simon, and Megan Wilhelm.

See their photos and bios HERE as well as the recording of last year's panels.

Also during Global Leadership Week, partner organizations, companies, school districts and individual schools have designed and are hosting virtual or face-to-face events to showcase global thought leadership. A listing of the currently scheduled events is below; you can find an up-to-the-minute listing, in your own time zone, HERE. (By the way--it is not too late to add your event to the live calendar! More here.)

See you online!

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