Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First Raw Results from the Technology + Learning Survey at modernlearning.com

Today I'm publishing the survey results at ModernLearning.com for the 2017 Learning Revolution's survey on technology and learning, which is the initial part of a larger effort to create a worldwide online conference on this topic.

A summary report with some preliminary conclusions will be published there shortly. To say that I'm excited to release the report would be a dramatic understatement. Going through the results has given me an unparalleled opportunity to think about, and hopefully present to you, a practical framework for understanding where and how modern computer, Internet, Web, and social technologies make a difference for learning. The opportunity is obviously historic (think: the advent of the printing press), but so is the temptation to be distracted and diverted from fundamental truths about teaching and learning.

To stay informed of future updates, conference progress, and to receive a copy of the report by email when it is published, go here.

(As you can see, even though I'm using ModernLearning.com to host the survey results, that wasn't the favorite name for the conference!)

The original survey is on the site and you are welcome to fill it out. Newer responses won't be included in the forthcoming report, but will be be used to update the site and will inform future work done on this project and the conference.

Big thanks to the folks at Acer Education, who are sponsoring the survey and the report. With four decades of experience in the computing sector, Acer is dedicated to serving the needs of the education market and to furthering knowledge through technology. Acer's support for this project, to build a better understanding of the role of technology in learning, has been authentic: I developed the survey questions and the final report will reflect the survey responses and my own interpretations. Learn more about Acer Education here.

By mid-March, the survey had over 450 responses, with many significantly-detailed responses. In the survey, those who responded were asked if they would be willing to have their answers be made public, and for those who said yes (the majority), their answers are in "raw" (and uncorrected) form here while those who said no had their answers excluded. Publishing the raw responses is being done in the interest of giving back to those who replied so thoughtfully, and with the hope that these responses will elicit even more conversation, both publicly here (you can comment at the bottom of each page) or in your own learning communities. Questions 5, 7, & 8 would be great conversation starters for local discussions.

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Steve Hargadon


  • What name do you think we should use for an online conference on "technology and learning?" RESPONSES
  • What speakers would you want to hear from at this conference? RESPONSES
  • What topics would you want us to be sure to cover? RESPONSES
  • Would you personally be interested in presenting? If so, on what topic? RESPONSES
  • When do you believe technology enhances learning, and when do you believe it does it not? RESPONSES
  • What's the best thing you've read, listened to, or watched related to the role of technology and learning? Why was it so helpful? RESPONSES
  • How has technology impacted your own learning? RESPONSES
  • Does your school, library, or organization have a specific learning philosophy that guides ed-tech purchases and implementation? If yes, what is that philosophy? RESPONSES
  • Do any of these phrases prompt a response from you about the role of technology in education: privacy, equity, learner agency, creativity, professional development, community, networking, digital citizenship, digital literacy, self-directed learning, personal learning, student voice, blended learning, mobile learning, online learning, and global learning? Feel free to elaborate. RESPONSES
  • Any other thoughts, comments, or ideas? RESPONSES

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