Thursday, August 04, 2016

Library 2.0 Sponsored Webinar - "Student Engagement Through Library-led Gamification" with Tasha Squires

Library 2.0 Presents:
"Student Engagement Through Library-led Gamification"

Tasha Squires
Learning Resource Center Teacher at O’Neill Middle School Library

Date + Time:
Wednesday, August 17th
10am EDT for one hour
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Sign-up Link:
This is a free event, but you must register to attend and will be sent the link to the live event as well as to the recording. Sign up HERE.

Can a library-led game get the whole school talking, interacting, sharing, learning, reading, and collaborating? The answer is yes, and the result won this middle school $60,000 in goods and services! Hoping to get students reading and writing more, O’Neill Middle School's librarian designed an engaging and competitive game, encouraging 21st century skills such as innovation, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, in which students could voluntarily participate. The results were astounding. Students began interacting beyond their classrooms, forming partnerships with each other, connecting using online tools and problem solving together, with the library as the center of the game. Students also showed no summer slide after the program. Join Tasha Squires and learn how this school librarian designed, created, and implemented an award-winning gamification program, and how she got kids connecting, collaborating, reading, writing and more— all while playing a game.

About Tasha:
2015 Follett Challenge winner, Tasha Squires started her career as a Young Adult Librarian in a large public library district serving a diverse Southwestern suburb of Chicago, Illinois, where she spent many hours booktalking in and working with the middle and high schools in the area. Later, she made the move to school libraries and is currently the LRC Director at O’Neill Middle School in Downers Grove, IL where she spends her days engaging students and teachers in the process of furthering their 21st-century skills and developing a love for reading. She is the author of Library Partnerships: Making Connections Between School and Public Libraries published by Information Today, INC. She is the creator and main contributor of the blog and you can contact her on Twitter @tasquires.

Event Platform:
The event software platform is Blackboard Collaborate, and the sessions can be accessed live from any personal computer and most mobile devices. Please verify that you are using a compatible version of Java (Complete Steps 1 and 2) to use Collaborate. For troubleshooting see this troubleshooting page.

Hosted + Sponsored by Follett:
Follett is the largest provider of educational materials and technology solutions to PreK-12 libraries, classrooms, learning centers and school districts in the United States. Follett also is one of the leading providers of integrated educational technology for the management of physical and digital assets, the tracking, storing and analyzing of academic data, and digital learning environment tools for the classroom focusing on student achievement. The company offers cutting-edge digital media services and innovative technology platforms to thousands of publishers, libraries, schools and retailers worldwide. With its acquisition of Baker & Taylor in 2016—a major supplier to educational institutions worldwide, and a premier worldwide distributor of books, digital content and entertainment products from approximately 25,000 suppliers to customers all over the world—Follett is able to provide unparalleled access to resources and services to both public and private institutions, learning centers, retailers, and more. For more information, visit

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