Wednesday, February 17, 2016

GlobalEd.TV March Webinar - "Global Education in Action"

GlobalEd.TV presents:
"Global Education in Action"

Date + Time:
Tuesday March 2nd
7pm EST
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What kinds of practices and activities foster global education in schools and community programs? Who has experienced successful results and what is the impact on students? In Part II of this series, participants will examine powerful examples and methods for applying global education in learning environments.

Lisa Petro, Co-founder, Know My World
Lisa Petro is a Curriculum Development Consultant and the Co-founder of Know My World, a Global Education Resource organization. She has an Masters of Professional Studies in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz.  Lisa has designed curriculum and teacher training workshops in the United States, Japan, Nepal, China, Mexico, Albania, Palestine and Taiwan with an emphasis on social/emotional learning and cultural competence.  She has lived and taught in rural Japan as part of programming for the Ministry of Education and participated as the Curriculum Development Director for Everest of Apples (in collaboration with NEST NGO), which promotes quality education in developing countries. Lisa has also presented dynamic cross-cultural workshops at the East Asia Regional Conference for Overseas Schools in Bangkok, Thailand, EARCOS in Shanghai, China and Congreso de Preparatoria, Preparatorias del Tecn√≥logico de Monterrey, ITESM in Guadalajara, Mexico, the State University of New York Multicultural Education Conference, and the SUNY Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning conference in New York, NY. Lisa currently lives in New York and is a stand for creating connectivity and transformation through social, emotional and cultural learning.


Genevieve Murphy
Know My World/American School Taichung
Taichung, Taiwan

Genevieve Murphy is the Global Development Director and co-founder of Know My World, inspiring administrators, teachers and students to participate in social impact all over the world. Genevieve lives in Taichung, Taiwan, and teaches at American School Taichung (AST) while working on research in the development of Social and Emotional Learning Pathways

Dareshanie D'Arpino
Program Director
Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh, New York
Newburgh, New York

Dareshanie D’Arpino is the Director of the The Afterschool Project (TAP) at the Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh, New York. The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh is to enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. The goal of the Afterschool Project is to improve academic outcomes for all the Boys & Girls Club members thorough participation in activities that promote academic success, good character and citizenship, healthy lifestyles, and the arts.

Eduard Muntaner Perich
Girona, Spain

Eduard Muntaner Perich is an architect of learning experiences. He is computer engineer from Girona (Catalonia, Spain), a social entrepreneur who volunteers in India whenever he can, an educational innovator and a blogger. He works for the University of Girona, at the Science and Technology Park of the UdG, where he is a member

About GlobalEd.TV:

GlobalEd TV is a free inclusive and  comprehensive webinar series which spotlights theories and best practices related to multiculturalism in schools and organizations all over the world. This 5 part series is designed to inform educators, students and parents about the role of cultural and global competence in  education. Hosted twice a month by the Global Education Conference Network, the Learning Revolution, and Know My World, participants will be included in global conversations with featured experts , practitioners and organizations in the field, with the goal of exploring the impact of global education. Through themed sessions, interviews, dynamic examples, Q&A, and practical exercises, each one-hour segment will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to bring global competence to their schools and communities.

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