Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Save the Dates - Teacher Entrepreneurship Week Interviews Start August 24th

Four evenings of interviews with amazing teacher entrepreneurs, on teachers as creators and agents. All free and broadcast through Google Hangouts on Air. More information here and/or register to watch live and have access to the recordings. Confirmed interviews with:

Adam Bellow
Alice Keeler
Angela Maiers
Anne Mirtschin
Barbara Bray
Benjamin Wilkoff
Bernard Bull
Bill Ferriter
Curt Bonk
Dan Meyer
David Warlick
Erin Klein
Jon Corripo
Julie Lindsay
Kathy Schrock
Lee Kolbert
Lisa Nielsen
Lucy Gray
Nicholas Provenzano
Nicole Tucker Smith
Paul Allison
Ramsay Musallam
Rushton Hurley
Shabbi Luthra
Shelly Terrell
Silvia Tolisano
Steven Anderson
Sylvia Martinez
Tom Whitby
Vicki A. Davis
Will Richardson

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