Friday, May 01, 2015

Today's "Starting to Homeschool" Webinar #3 - What Will We Do Now That We’re Learning at Home?

Starting to Homeschool" is a series of six Webinars for those interested in starting the journey to homeschooling, or just learning more about homeschooling. Each Webinar will be a half-hour presentation by Patrick Farenga, followed by a half hour of questions and answers with attendees.

This is a reminder that our third Webinar, "What Will We Do Now That We’re Learning at Home?" will be broadcast live from 3 - 4pm US-Eastern Time on Friday, May 1st. Those who are able to join the Webinar live will be able to ask questions in the chat during the Q+A period.

Each Webinar, including this one, is free to watch live and for the following 24 hour at under the "Recordings" link (the first, introductory, Webinar is always free to watch). There is information on the site about purchasing the series as a whole, which will allow you to watch all of the Webinars for free at any time.

Please let others know about this Webinar series by directing them to

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