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2014 Global Education Conference - Day Two!

Tuesday, November 18th, is day two of the fifth annual Global Education Conference. We had a great opening day of sessions and keynotes, and the recordings of any sessions that have taken place are accessible on the conference recordings page.

The list of Tuesday's sessions, in US-Eastern Standard Time, is below. Unlike our opening day, Day two actually starts at midnight, US-Eastern Time! To see the the full conference schedule in your own time zone, with the direct links to session rooms, go to the conference schedule page. Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled14. Session recordings are posted immediately following each session.

We do still need more volunteers to help moderate sessions! Sign up and information here. It's a ton of fun, you'll be doing some good, and you'll have the undying gratitude of the conference organizers!

Tuesday, November 18th
(US-Eastern Time)

  • Resistencia al cambio - Fernando Jorquera Profesor
  • SPOTLIGHT: Education Beyond Borders: fostering global competency by connecting educators and classrooms - Noble Kelly, President & Founder
  • Tech Talk Tuesdays: Global Connections - Anne Mirtschin, ICT Teacher
  • World Theatre Video Project- Connecting Globally Through Performance - Nick Cusumano Theatre & Film Teacher GCT and GET
  • Releasing creativity and confidence among Youth through non formal life skills program in underprivileged urban setting - Rozina Jumani, Associate Professor/ Director Strategic Planning and Capacity Building
  • Education Against Dehumanization: Radical Change of Approach to Peace-Education - Olek Netzer, Ph.D.
  • Keeping your batteries charged and learning together by connecting globally with other educators - Maria del Carmen Colussa, EFL Freelance Teacher
  • My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action - Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs, iEARN USA Master Trainer and Project Facilitator; Instructional Coach
  • Education For All - Prakshi Goel
  • Peace and humanitarian education: driving education within the deep waters of global uncertainty - Dimitrios Salampasis, Doctoral Researcher, Writer and Blogger
  • Proyectos colaborativos de iEARN Latina - Profesora Cristina Velázquez
  • Globally Connecting Children with Special Educational Needs through Student-centered Approach in Teaching - Natasha N. King (Undergraduate Student - Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education)
  • Hello Little World Skypers - Anne Mirtschin, ICT Teacher
  • Multiplayer computer games from the perspectives of teachers and students - Olzan Goldstein, Dr.
  • Serving from Scratch: Developing a Global Education Course for Good - Stephanie Wujcik, Middle School Social Studies Teacher and Coordinator of Service-Learning
  • The Milan Protocol: open dialogue between academia, private and public sectors - Sonia Massari, PhD
  • 10 Practical Tips for bringing food from around the world into the classroom - Sasha Martin, National Geographic author
  • Include Mandatory Life Skills Education as One Preventive Intervention Against Avoidable Mental Disorders Caused by Inability to Manage Stress & Frustration - Hassan Sattar (Managing Director & CEO)
  • Teddy Bears Humanising Teaching - Ms Rosemeire Batista Gimenes de Araújo
  • TriWaters Tour Eco-Expedition: Biodiversity Monitoring through Citizen Science - Troy Glover, Adventure Educator
  • KEYNOTE: Homa Tavangar on "Beyond Food, Fun, Festivals: Global Education Tools for Meaningful Learning & Connection"
  • Developing students’ creativity and media skills through AYV program - Cornelia Platon, Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator
  • Global Understanding Through The Teaching of Culture and Mobile Devices - Harry Tuttle, Ed. D.
  • Promoting collaboration across borders: two approaches - Anne Fox, Trainer, learning coach
  • Service Learning for Highs School Students - Max Bone, Student
  • Using international student art exchanges to deliver 21st Century Learning Skills - Cheryl Iozzo/ Greenwich Connecticut Public Schools/ Ed.D, K-5 Art Educator
  • Daffodils and tulips-PBL - Ruty Hotzen
  • Modern Language Global Speaking Standards: ACTFL Can-Do Statements - Harry Tuttle, Ed. D.
  • Opening Minds Through High School Global Citizenship Course - Tina Vasquez, Teacher
  • Presenting #NT2T: Helping Twitter newbies become Tweachers - Mr. Stephan Hughes
  • SPOTLIGHT: Towards Global Citizenship Education - Vasileios Symeonidis
  • KEYNOTE: Kern Kelley on "Students as Tech Support"
  • Breaking down barriers to learning - Teresa MacKinnon
  • iSEL: Connecting Global Educators through EQ and Social Emotional Learning - Susan Stillman, Director of Education
  • SPOTLIGHT: Promoting Cultural Competence for a Global Society (Strategies for both K-12 educators and students) - Judy Ha, Training and Development Manager
  • SPOTLIGHT: The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN): Activities and Tools for the Teaching Profession in the Americas - Maria José de Leon, Education Consultant
  • Take Your Classroom Global - Tania Rashid, Global Education Program Administrator
  • Bridging Cultures & Worlds Connect - Diane Rice Reference Reference Librarian & program Coordinator
  • Critical Dialogue: Advancing Education Systems’ Adaptive Capacity to Bring Global Competency to Scale - Courtney White, Director of Partnerships
  • If you want success, change what you do! - Andrew Weiler
  • Looking at Cultural Differences in Motivating Students to Seek Information: A Study Conducted in Colorado Springs, CO and Kampala, Uganda - Dr. Sherry R. Crow, Associate Professor of School Library Science
  • The meaning of unknown words - the role of language in global education - Hana Šustková
  • KEYNOTE: Jennifer Vollmann on "Building Student Global IQ"
  • A Call to Action: Improving Geo-Literacy Through Project Based Learning - Angela Crawford, 2014 National Geographic Grosvenor Fellow
  • Integrating a language trip into the Modern language curriculum - Sumaya Ibourk French teacher
  • Skype in the Connected Classroom - Anne Mirtschin, ICT Teacher
  • SPOTLIGHT: Flat Students - Flat Learning - Global Understanding - Julie Lindsay
  • SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Russell on "Connecting Educators and Youth through Virtual Exchange Projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and U.S."
  • Achieving Transnational Spaces Through Collective Will - Dr. Doris McEwen Harris, President/CEO M.E.C.C.A.
  • Mystery Skyping: Why We love It - Ruth Valle, teacher
  • SelfDesign Leads to Global Consciousness - David Marshak, Dean
  • SPOTLIGHT: Get #UpForSchool! Join the movement to all children everywhere access to education. - Kolleen Bouchane, Policy and Advocacy Director
  • Turning Interests into Insights: Using Data Visualizations to Teach Global Issues - Ann Marie Gleeson, Ph.D., Program Director
  • KEYNOTE: Lillian Chu Hsiung
  • Connecting Classrooms to Participate in Global Projects - Kimberly Caise, Online Instructor/Professor
  • Empowering Educators to Adopt Virtual Labs in Online IT Classrooms - Usha Jagannathan, IT Lecturer
  • One Typhoon Affecting Children Everywhere – Lessons in Climate Change Resiliency - Daniel Sadowsky, Assistant Director of Education
  • SPOTLIGHT: Lesson For All: the right of education and the barriers worldwide - Donna Román EdTech Instructional Specialist
  • World Museum Projects: Collaboration Projects in Scratch - Dr. Yoshiro Miyata
  • "Toward education for nonviolence - connecting classrooms project" - Anne Farrell, Volunteer Chief manager - school program
  • Bringing the Study Abroad Experience Home: Using Tech to Share Your Stories - William Stewart, Program Coordinator
  • Connecting and Collaborating: Student Learning and Leadership Opportunities in STEM - Eric Walters, Director of STEM Education
  • Connecting the Dots: Global Collaboration in the Information Age - Sarah Thomas, Teacher/Technology Liaison
  • e-Books; Diversifying the ESL & FLT Writing Classroom with Project-Based Learning Adaptations - Kara Mac Donald, Associate Professor
  • Transition Toward a Global Society: A K-8 Social Science Framework - Rob Siegel, Coordinator STEM Initiatives
  • KEYNOTE: Jennifer D. Klein on "Meeting in the Middle: Avoiding the Exploitative Pitfalls of Global Learning"
  • Amigos Globales/Global Friends - Sindell Perez Fuentes
  • SPOTLIGHT: Globalizing Lessons: Any Standard, Any Subject, or Any School - Michelle Macumber - Learning Center Community Leader
  • SPOTLIGHT: Skyping with the Guided Reflection Model - Dr. Ann Gaudino, Founder and Editor
  • Supporting Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Acquisition for ELLs in the Content-Based Classroom - Kara Spilker, 5th Grade Teacher
  • Collaborative Online Projects: Getting Started - Abena Baiden
  • The Role of the Principal in International Education - Laura Higgs, M.S.
  • Urban Teachers and Web 2.0 Tools: Enacting a Critical Pedagogy Online - Kate E. O'Hara

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