Thursday, November 14, 2013

GlobalEdCon - "Education for All" Keynotes, Submission Extension, and Call for Volunteers

Our 2013 Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday, November 18th, and runs 24-hours a day for five days. It's online, awesome, free, and all about increasing opportunities for connecting classrooms, supporting cultural awareness, and recognizing diversity and educational access for all.

The call for proposals is being extended until November 17th, the day before the conference. Can you believe it?! It's just one more way that a virtual conference rocks the traditional conference model.

We've also issued our call for volunteers. If you haven't been a volunteer moderator at one of our virtual events before, you may not know what you're missing. Really, it's a blast. Do join us.

Finally, we're super-excited about our new "Education for All" conference strand, which is being coordinated by the Global Campaign for Education-US. Worldwide there are 57 million young people of elementary school age who are not in school, and many other young people who are in school, but are receiving a sub-par education and therefore reading and learning far below their grade level. Additionally, there are 70+ million adolescents who are also not in school--either having dropped (or been pulled) out to work, tend to siblings. or to be married at an early age. Teachers in many countries often have little more than a high school education and receive little or no professional development. Organizations and coalitions like the Global Campaign for Education are working to ensure that everyone has an equitable access to a quality education, and are advocating for additional financial resources, enhanced professional development, smaller classroom size, adequate educational materials, and access to technology that links students and teachers to information and collaboration with peers.   

As a part of his, we've just added three great new "Education for All" keynote sessions (and hopefully have one or two more surprises still up our sleeves):

  • Jennifer Estrada and Pam Allyn from LitWorld: "Transformational Literacy for the 21st Century: Four Lessons from the LitWorld Model."
  • Justin van Fleet from the UN Global Education First Initiative: "The Final Push to Achieve Education for All by 2015."
  • Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY): "25 Years working to Ensure Education for All."
Go to the conference site to see all of our great keynote speakers and the current schedule of sessions in your own time zone, since we have a listing page for each of the world's 36 time zones!

See you online!

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