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2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

From the 2012 GlobalEdCon attendees:  

"This conference is a great example on what global means. Speakers, presenters and public from all over the world talking, showing and listening about education. The world is indeed flat." -Catalina Valenzuela

"Loved the chance to learn, share and grow both as an educator and as a person who wants to stay abreast of changes and innovation." -Effie Kyrikakis

"An awesome gathering of educators from all over the world with valuable contributions to improve education as a whole. A fantastic demonstration of a global learning event." -Almerinda Girabaldi

"Never before have I seen such an incredible array of resources - and inspiration. I only wish I didn't need to sleep, so I could attend them all live!" -Dr. Jessie Voigts

"Thanks for providing this global forum that truly flattens the world of learning." -Jerry Blumengarten

The 2013 Global Education Conference starts today! If you haven't attended our annual Global Education Conference, you are in for a treat! (More quotes from last year's event are at the bottom of this message.) We start today with a opening convocation on global education--come help us build a worldwide call to action around the critical importance of global education--after which we have a full day of great sessions, all of which are listed below. This free event runs all week and is open to anyone to attend: spread the word with Twitter hashtag #globaled13

Quick Notes:
  • We're also always looking for volunteer session moderators--join us here.
  • General information is posted here.
  • A step-by-step guide to getting started is also available here.
  • If you are looking to extend your conference experience, here are some ideas.
  • Information about certificates for volunteers, presenters, and attendees is here.

Times for today's sessions that are show below are US-Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5). To see the schedule in your own time zone, with the full session descriptions and a link to enter each session, go to receive the daily conference schedule, be sure to join the Global Education Conference network.

Monday, November 18
  • OPENING SESSION - Global Education Welcome and Opening Convocation
  • Are you ready for Conflict Analysis and Management Practice? Assessing Quality, Academic Rigor, and Innovation. - Amanda Coolidge instructional designer
  • Students as Creators or Makers: Tools to foster Higher-order Thinking Skills - Jeff Hoffart (@JeffHoffart) - TEDxYouth@BIS Team
  • Teaching in a school which sometimes becomes a hostile environment for a teacher or how to teach in an ex-conflict area - Attila Nagy, LLM International Business Law
  • Can MOOCs Really Make an Impact in the Developing World? - Ioana Literat
  • Making International Education for Everyone - David Potter, Chief Development Officer
  • TIC para enseñar y aprender - L.I. Alma Delia Chávez Rojas
  • From static to dynamic: engaging students with technology to teach global issues - Katharine Robinson
  • MY HERO Learning Circles & CALL TO ACTION - Wendy Milette, Director of Media Arts Education
  • The 9x9x25 Challenge: A Reflective and Open Model of Professional Development - Todd Conaway, instructional designer
  • KEYNOTE: Michael Furdyk - Imagining Future Friendly Schools: Global Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, and Student Voice
  • Global Perspectives on Grading and Assessment - Dr. Bernard Bull, Assistant VP of Academics & Associate Professor of Educational Design and Technology
  • Irish-American Project - Donna Román
  • Transforming professional learning through global collaboration - Kate Sutton Jones
  • Plataforma E-learning Chamilo como herramienta dinamizadora en procesos educativos a distancia - Linda L. Martinez H. - Fundadora Comunidad Chamilo Venezuela
  • The use of social media in teaching information literacy and global collaboration - Laura Loveday, Librarian
  • KEYNOTE: Pam Allyn and Jennifer Estrada - Transformational Literacy for the 21st Century: Four Lessons from the LitWorld Model
  • ED4ALL - Lesson For All: the right of education and the barriers worldwide - Donna Adams Román
  • Fostering Global Citizenship in the English Classroom - Jennifer D. Klein, Global Educator
  • IIME develops 21st century skills through international collaborative learning - Atsuko Shiwaku
  • The #Malala Project, An attempt at a Global PBL - Heidi Hutchison, 5th grade teacher
  • KEYNOTE: Natalia Gil de Fainschtein - La educación necesita más Realidad Aumentada, con o sin computadoras
  • Anime as a Catalyst for Global Collaboration: Media Literacy Projects for the Flat Classroom - Dr. Michele L. Haiken
  • Fostering Global Citizenship in Our Schoolhouses - Jennifer D. Klein, Global Educator
  • Key Issues in International Clinical Placements - Ann Gaudino, Ed.D.
  • KEYNOTE: Kim Cofino - Adventures in International Education
  • ePortfolios as Environments for Global Engagement, Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment - Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Professor and HP Fellow
“In today's society, we no longer have to hold meetings in the confines of four walls, stay in expensive hotels, and nibble on gourmet food we can't pronounce. Advances in technology have fueled the growth of meeting virtually, giving people the ability to actively participate in team meetings no matter where they are in the world. We can voice our experiences and views to a much greater audience. Indeed, this is a great idea to to have virtual conferences to increase awareness and spread information." -Huma Shoukat
“This is one of the greatest professional development opportunities on global ed for teachers and education professionals I have come to know so far. Sadly, our Ministry of Education has completely cut off any financially supported opportunities for in -service teachers in our country or any leave of absence for them to pursue further education/professional development since two years ago. Technology works miracles, borders and other restrictions tend to vanish, and what a great networking and resources this conference offers! I'm definitely sharing this with my colleagues and networks on this side of the planet. Thank you, Steve, other partners in this project, speakers and volunteers for your time and efforts, big time congrats to all!" -Sofia from Greece
“I love digital media and the idea that we are all where we are actively engaging in the educational enterprise and charting new ways to develop education globally." -Dierdre Huger

“Wow -everything went so smoothly with so many presenters, webcams, locations, and people contributing and drawing -on the screen, in the chat screen, etc. Most impressive demonstration of the possibilities of the software and of engaging ways to interpret the conference theme! " -Anonymous

“This is a fantastic conference and I plan on using the recordings for my graduate student -professional teachers. Thank you for allowing educators to collaborate!" -Mary Liz Jones

“Excelente, gracias por hacer este tipo de eventos que fortifican el quehacer educativo.

"Excellent, thanks for doing this type of event that supports educational work." -Dayhana Sanchez Cuevas
“This is a very interesting way for people all around the world to participate in real time to develop ideas, strategies, perspectives, methods and direction in any aspect of education. It takes educational practices global. I think it is a way for teachers and all who are directly involved in education as well as others who are interested to collaborate and share. It could bring the level of discussion and collaboration to a whole new level throughout the world. " -Joseph Murphy

“Excelente, permite entender como impactar al estudiante con imágenes y tomando en consideración sus expectativas personales." -Jinmy

“I spent the day working as a librarian/media specialist in a middle school in Virginia, USA and spent the evening at an international conference sharing ideas with people all over the world. Absolutely amazing! Tomorrow I teach research skills to 7th graders -I will tell them the importance of 'information literacy' as these types of global connections will become part of their everyday lives " -Anonymous

“Great that I can pick and choose the learning that works best for me." -Kelli Holden

"Great experience. Exciting to have an opportunity to share and learn with the entire world right at the same time." -Allan Kakinda

“The Global Education conference is an opportunity to become educated on what is going on Globally. Consider participating in the future from wherever you are." -Anonymous

“A fantastic way for teachers from around the world to share ideas and to learn from teachers from other subject areas." -Fiona Luna

“I wish I could take the whole week off and just attend the workshops. I am so grateful for all of you who have organized this great opportunity for us teachers who often hunger for new ideas and techniques to do that which we love to do. Thank you!" -Mona Abinader

“It is a very rich resource of materials for teachers (like me) who is trying to navigate the digital world and use it for the benefit of her students." -Elma

“Great presentations so far. The conference has awesome information, new knowledge,and idea" -sharing is great. Motivating to hear from colleagues from all over the world." -Anonymous

“Glad to be able to participate from my little corner of the world... Opportunities I would never have had without this conference. " -Sherrilyn

“The conference did an excellent job of reaching out to everyone by going online. " -Melba Angni

“I'm so thankful that you have made this opportunity for learning available to everyone. " -Anonymous

"Excelente. Muy completa. Con ejemplos reales y aplicables del curriculum escolar. Actual y con un sinnúmero de posibilidades para trabajar." -Olga Schabb

“I love the format of this conference. I am at home convalescing from a broken shoulder and yet I was able to attend a session in Argentina this morning! Amazing!" -Lorissa Boxer

“Great opportunity to interact with quality presenters around the world. I couldn't take full days away to attend a face-to-face conference (not to mention the financial limitations there), but I can grab an hour or two a day to be part of this. Thank you." -Anonymous
“Globetrotting from home: Uganda, United States, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil...It's been a wild, inspirational ride!" -Anonymous

“First online conference I attended, wonderful. " -Daniel Dillon

“I have loved every day of the conference, I have gained so many resources, contacts and an amazing amount of inspiration! Sheer brilliance!" -Denise Boyd

“Totally jazzed about GEC!" -Anonymous

“I liked reading other peoples’ comments and knowing that we are not alone in our struggles, but also knowing that others have found a way to make the changes that we wish to see." -Anonymous

“What a great opportunity to connect from home on our Vet's Day holiday!" -Anonymous

“Thank you for organizing this meaningful conference!" -Sharon Pei

“Seizing the opportunity presented by this Veteran's Day holiday, today is a great day for online conference...." -Craig Seasholes

“This is my first time doing an online conference! I am impressed with what is available and excited to check in daily and absorb new information!" -Cynthia

“Such a gift to learning and sharing!" -Anonymous

“Fantastic way to conference without leaving the classroom." -R. Carter

“Amid Dark Times, a brighter side of U.S Pakistan ties. Indeed a great platform to connect globally. Conference was great. We should do this very often." -Anonymous

“Love this concept....always watched webinars online never attended a conference.....boy look at what I've been missing." -Debbie Gaskins

“This is an inspiring conference and school districts should be telling their teachers about it and offering professional development for attending online and presenting in groups at school. Even 4min. for each teacher would be great and then the link for the archived recording could be shared." -Anonymous

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