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GlobalEdCon 2013 - Day Three Schedule

Today is day three of the 2013 Global Education Conference.  

A summary of today's sessions is shown below in US-Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5). To see the schedule in your own time zone, with the full session descriptions and a link to enter each session, go to To receive the daily conference schedule, be sure to join the Global Education Conference network. Recordings of all sessions are available here.

Our free conference runs all week and is open to anyone to attend--spread the word with Twitter hashtag #globaled13.

Special Notes:
  • Thanks to our GREAT volunteer group! We're always looking for volunteer session moderators--join us here. Today we need help particularly with the early morning and then the evening sessions.
  • General conference information is posted here. A step-by-step guide to getting started is also available here. If you are looking to extend your conference experience, here are some ideas.
  • Information about certificates for volunteers, presenters, and attendees is here.
Wednesday, November 20
(US-Eastern Standard Time)

  • Join Radijojo World Children's Media Network: Award-winning global competency empowerment for your students! - Dipl.-Soz. Thomas Röhlinger, MBA Founder & Editor in Chief of Radijojo World Children's Media Network
  • Take Your Classroom Global! - Tania Rashid, Education Support Coordinator
  • The Art/Science Connection: How to build Successful Collaborations - Mary Jo Allegra, Artist and Lower School Art Teacher


  • Complex World, Simple Strategies: Towards Deeper Global Understanding in the Classroom - Emily Longenecker, Program Officer
  • Disadvantaged English Language Learners Connecting With Their Home Countries - Tony Erben, Ph.d. Associate Professor (Director of ESOL Endorsement)
  • ED4ALL - Photojournalism 2.01 & 2.014: Engaging Educators and Youth in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and the United States - Nicole Weitzner, Coordinator of Programs & Digital Content


  • Connecting Student Dreams Around The World - Jeffrey Harlan, Director and Co-Founder of The Dream Flag Project
  • ED4ALL - How to Use Your Personal Story to Advocate for Access to Education" - Carly Pildis Outreach and Advocacy Associate
  • Video Blogging as a Resource for Language Learning Enhancement - Curtis Young


  • A collaborative, cross curricular, skills and habits of mind based language for all - A must in personalized learning - Dr. Nitzan Resnick - Co-Head at KSA
  • ED4ALL - A Library in every neighborhood - Rana Dajani Founder and Director
  • The Power of Story - Susan Jacques Pierson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education
  • Why my experience as a Cultural Exchange Educator helped bridge the gap between my community and others. - Mrs Fabiana Casella


  • 10+ Techniques for Empowering Students to Becoming Globally Connected Educators and Content Creators - Noel Feria
  • Creativity in Education: Critical, Global, and Engaging - Laura Feeney, Education Advocate
  • ED4ALL - Infusing Global and Technology Education into Teacher Education - Eva Brown, Instructor
  • Internationalization of learning in experiences of collaborative project 'Our Rivers, Our World' - Rajib Lochan Das, Co-coordinator
  • Virtual Study Abroad: Leveraging Technology to Foster Cross-Cultural Competence Among U.S. and Macedonian University Students - Carine Ullom, Director Office of Academic Technology Ottawa University Ottawa, Kansas


  • KEYNOTE: Jaime Casap - The Transformation of Education


  • A Semester of Service - Shayne A. Swift, International Baccalaureate Coordinator
  • ED4ALL - Learning English Grammar by Writing - Mr. Paul Hartman
  • From the USA to Africa: A Unique Primary STEM Global Partnership Emerges - Your Name and Title: Maria D. Shaheen: Assistant Professor of Elementary & Early Childhood Education


  • Designing for a Global Eye: Helping Commercial Design Students Develop Global Awareness - Christina Inge, Adjunct Instructor
  • SPOTLIGHT: Latin American & Latino Literature for K-12 Classrooms - Jennifer Hanson, Librarian
  • The Student Experience in a Global, Online Classroom - Jake Clapp, Academic Dean


  • "From Theory to Praxis: The Integration of Multicultural Content & Pedagogical Practice" - Dr. O'Shan D. Gadsden, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • Improve learning and teaching – Finnish it? - Nina Smith
  • Walking a Mile in Another's Moccasins: Purposefully Developing Empathy - Doug Johnson, Director of Media and Technology


  • KEYNOTE: Karen Blumberg and Rekha Puri - LINEglobal - Gateway to India


  • ED4ALL - Educational safaris in rural villages in South Africa on the edge of the Kruger National Park - Peter Evans
  • Passport to the World - Susie Oh - Technology Instructor
  • Teaching and Learning Across the Globe - Anne Mirtshin, Lorraine Leo


  • Global Competencies for 21st Century High School Science Curriculum: Integrated, Student-centered & Content-rich - Catherine Saldutti, President
  • Globalizing the High School U.S. History Survey Course: Free, Collaborative, and Self-Paced Professional Development - Craig J. Perrier - High School Specialist, Social Studies; Adjunct Professor
  • The Dream Flag Project: Connecting Student Dreams Around the World - Jeffrey Harlan, Director and Co-Founder of The Dream Flag Project


  • KEYNOTE: Margaret Riel - Improving your Skills as a Global Educator through Action Research


  • ED4ALL - Re-Envisioning the Education System - Global Communication and Collaboration - Maxie Alexandra Gluckman
  • ED4ALL - Towards personalising learning in a global world - Dr Gail Casey
  • Tools and Strategies for Global Education in your Classroom - Samantha Reynolds - Social Studies Teacher


  • Beyond Geography: Team Teaching From Across the Country - Cheryl Morris, English Teacher
  • La importancia de las tecnologías libres como herramientas docente en el proceso de enseñanza. - Linda Martinez - Coordinadora de Venezuela
  • SPOTLIGHT: How to Foster Student Innovators with “Unreasonable Vision” to Promote Social Change - Sharon Brown-Peters, High School Tech Coordinator


  • KEYNOTE: Anne Mirtschin - The World is My Classroom


  • Connecting Classrooms through Global Project Based Learning Activities and Resources - Kim Caise, NBCT, M. Ed.
  • The Use of Mobile Devices For The Development of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) In The Dominican Republic (Case Study) - English Version - Alfonso Sintjago, IT Fellow, PhD Student

12:00am (Thursday)

  • Teaching global challenges with Solution Focus to increase engagement and inspire action - Kristina Stoney, Director

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