Thursday, November 21, 2013

GlobalEdCon 2013 Day Four + Helping the New Grassroots Projects

Today is day four of the 2013 Global Education Conference.  Hard to believe we're almost at the end!

During the conference opening sessions we brainstormed as set of grassroots global education projects that we could bring to our personal learning networks to try to get started. Given that our combined network reach is probably in the millions, the idea is to turn our personal learning networks into a large personal action network to make a difference for students right now. We voted on five project to to focus on right away with a set of basic questions for each: "What do you want to do? How will you accomplish this? What help do you need from the community?" 

The five projects are listed below, and each links to a project group on the conference site--please join one or more and then let us know how Lucy and I can help turn these into realities!
A summary of today's sessions is shown below in US-Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5). To see the schedule in your own time zone, with the full session descriptions and a link to enter each session, go to To receive the daily conference schedule, be sure to join the Global Education Conference network. Recordings of all sessions are available here.

Our free conference runs all week and is open to anyone to attend--spread the word with Twitter hashtag #globaled13.

Special Notes:
  • Thanks to our GREAT volunteer group! We're always looking for volunteer session moderators--join us here. Today we again need help particularly with the early morning and then the evening sessions.
  • General conference information is posted here. A step-by-step guide to getting started is also available here. If you are looking to extend your conference experience, here are some ideas.
  • Information about certificates for volunteers, presenters, and attendees is here.
Thursday, November 21
(US-Eastern Standard Time)

  • Towards sustainable development together with ENO - Irina Volynets
  • Use of Media Arts and Performing Arts for Cross Cultural Understanding - Alema Nasim


  • Learning through online educational games - Tania Rashid, Education Support Coordinator
  • SPOTLIGHT: Knowledge to Action: From global awareness to global citizenship - Honor Moorman, Implementation Team Leader
  • The Connected Educator in Progress, A Beginner´s Journey - Maria Colussa, Teacher
  • The Impact of Physical Exchanges on West African Students - Aqeela Jogee Cutter, Program Manager


  • Connecting Classrooms in the U.S., Middle East and North Africa through Online Projects - Jennifer Russell, Program Coordinator
  • Developing and sustaining communities of practice in elementary history education: Doing history in the classroom with limited professional development support - Katherine Ireland, B. Ed. Instructor and Ph. D. student
  • ED4ALL - U-Learning: Hacía un nuevo paradigma educativo - Gustavo Beltrami


  • Designation for the Global Ready Teacher! - Mark Otter, Chief Product Officer
  • Earth E/mergent - Global Virtual Sensing Networks for Gaian Educational Emergence - Marna Hauk, Graduate Faculty
  • Multicultural Game Design Teams as an Intro to Computer Science - Mark Suter, Teacher


  • ED4ALL - The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN) and the Inter-American Collaboratory on the Teaching Profession (Co-TEP): Practical Tools for Teacher Collaboration in the Americas - Nathalia Khayat, Education Consultant and James Parr, Education
  • ED4ALL - Uniting Youth Through the Power of Music and Technology - Kirsten Bunch, Executive Director
  • IEARN Local History project as a tool to develop the 21st century skills and enhance cross cultural dialogue - Rimma Zhukova


  • Connecting Students & Teachers Online, Across Continents - Dounia Bredes, Youth Outreach Coordinator
  • ED4ALL - Every Wall is a Classroom: Using Locally Created Video and Cordless Projectors to Improve Learning Outcomes - Matthew York, Founder & Executive Director
  • Rethinking and resetting horizons of education: creating the skills of the road to employment - Dimitrios Salampasis, Doctoral Researcher
  • Think Globally, Look Locally - Will Piper, 5th grade world geography teacher


  • KEYNOTE: Julene Reed - Polar Bears, Global Connections, and Citizen Science


  • In Our Global Village - Barbara Cervone, Ed.D., President
  • One Montessori World: Connecting Elementary Students and Teachers from around the Globe - Jennifer Williams, Director of Education
  • Teaching with Africa - Emily Karem, Associate Vice President, International


  • 21st Century Collaborative Language Learning - Dana Bar-or, Hebrew Department Head
  • ED4ALL - Esplori: a platform to teach and learn anything, in any language, on video - Federico Pistono
  • Modern Day Slavery - Modern Day Slavery - Halyn Valley
  • Student Driven Environmental Projects - Kathy Bosiak Classroom Teacher


  • International School Award - Mr. Tariq Refaat Bahi Eldin
  • Navigating the Needs of A State Multicultural Education Association - Lorie Cook-Benjamin, KS-NAME President
  • Spreading Day of Innovation Globally, Sparking Infinite Possibilities - Clyde Mann, Elementary Science Teacher


  • KEYNOTE: Justin Van Fleet - Putting Global Education First: How to Achieve A World at School


  • Building Upon Your Physical Exchange Experience - Bethany Kreider, Assistant Grants Administrator
  • Daffodils and Tulips project and Talking kites on the footsteps of J. Korczak - Ruty Hotzen
  • ED4ALL - Introducing Global Perspectives on Disability in the Classroom - Ashley Holben, Project Coordinator
  • International Service Learning Projects - Best Practices - Matthew Rudisi - Faculty


  • Creating a Global Project - Brian Kayser, Teacher
  • ED4ALL - World Museum Scratch Projects - Prof. José Manuel Sáez López
  • Global Celebrations of Learning - Jenny Lussier - Library Media Specialist
  • Twitter for Educators: An Introduction to the Global Collaboration Network - Ashley Cross, Educator and Doctoral Student


  • KEYNOTE: Antonio Delgado - DRAP: Diseño de Recursos de Aprendizaje Personalizados


  • KEYNOTE: Sergio Bosio - Los caminos del conectivismo', De la escuela media hacia la Universidad
  • 13 year old Trilingual Pioneer in Global Education - World as Classroom- LITERALLY - Mozart Dee - student, world traveler, linguist, musician, entrepreneur
  • EduMachinima Fest: Assessing 21st Century Skills - Kae Novak
  • GlobalEdCon Smackdown, A Sharing of Resources and Tools from the Week - Heidi Hutchison, 5th grade teacher


  • New Maps in Higher Education: Interdisciplinary Education & Global Competency - Salena Coller, MLS, Academic Librarian
  • Research Says...” Best Practices in Global Collaboration - Rita Oates, president
  • Travel as an alternative form of Education – Life Learning on the Road - Lainie Liberti


  • Bring the World to Your Walls: Engaging Learners with Global GraffitiWalls - Jessica Chung, Training and Outreach Manager
  • El Uso De Dispositivos Móviles Para La Creación De Entornos Personalizados De Aprendizaje (PLE) En La República Dominicana - Version en Español - Alfonso Sintjago, IT Fellow, PhD Student
  • Prepare, Practice, Produce and Present - Paulino Brener, educator/performer/Social Media Mana


  • Hip Hop Educational Pedagogy - a globally growing field - Joshua Sneideman - Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow
  • One stop shop: TIGed Thematic Classrooms - Tania Rashid, Education Support Coordinator
  • Prepara, Practica, Produce y Presenta - Paulino Brener, educador/actor/Social Media Mana

12:00am (Friday)

  • TIC para enseñar y aprender - L.I. Alma Delia Chávez Rojas


  • 15,000 students in Run This Way program for Peace and Nonviolence - Anne Farrell, School Manager Program
  • Plus World Technology , Change in Education - Hani Hamed Ezeldin


  • Global institutional partnership framework for achieving academic excellence: Facilitating the implementation of quality education programs at postgraduate level - Rozina Jumani - Associate Professor


  • ED4ALL - Opportunities and obstacles of using Quranic schools to achieve EFA goals in Nigeria - Nasir Baba, Lecturer


  • A Glimpse Into The Life of a Connected EFL Teacher - Tatyana Chernaya, EFL Teacher


  • A discussion of the impact of energy around the world, focussing on how to use energy in education as an interdisciplinary tool to bring teachers together, with a final discussion of the principles 5,6,7 of the Energy Literacy Framework as an example
  • DeforestACTION: Monitoring the Rainforest from your Classrooms - Sara Hassan - Education Program Officer

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